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P'Ache Minor (PM1.12-11)

Peacekeeper Categorisation: PM1.12-11
"P'Ache Minor is the sort of place many have seen but few will have actually visited. Images of the unique plays of light in the night sky have been shared far and wide.   I was lucky enough to come here as a youngster, so thought I had prepared myself for the beauty of it. I had not. P'Ache Minor may not look like much from a distance, and certainly looks drab during the day, but at night it is truly breathtaking."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  
  P'Ache Minor is the original home of the Minoran who are now more commonly seen as Peacekeepers, and are part of the Peacekeeper Alliance.  

Minoran Nights

  The chemicals in the atmosphere around P'Ache Minor, which makes the planet look red from a distance, have an interesting affect on solar light when it passes through. While the effect can only be seen at night, it can light up the dark sky, causing a distorted rainbow of light, which makes the world around seem transformed.   It has been suggested that the mystery of these beautiful night skies is part of what gives the Minoran people their pensive and philosophical nature.


P'Ache Minor sits within the P'Ache Solar System, and is one of the four habitable planets in this solar system. It is the second smallest of these four planets, and is also one of the two habitable red planets.   The atmosphere around the planet gives it the red look, rather than anything happening on the planet. The surface is 60% water and 40% land, with five major landmasses.

Localized Phenomena

The Minoran Nights only occur on this planet of all of the planets in the Peacekeeper Territories. They are spectacular, and only happen in certain parts of the world each night.


P'Ache Minor is actually at the center of Peacekeeper history and as a result, Peacekeeper culture. For example, the current era started on the day which the original treaty was signed between the Minorans and the Primians, the year letters PT standing for Post Treaty.  

Minor Unrest

On 21 One 340 PT during the The Second Micro Rebellion, the people of P'Ache Minor heard about what was happening on P'Ache Micro. The Macrans were pushing back against the treaty they had signed with the Primians which outlawed some of their traditions.   This outraged the Minorans who sided with the Macrans and, in a previously unprecidented show of action, they pushed back against the Primians. This was known as the Minor Unrest, and while it wasn't violent, the previously smooth working relationship that the two groups had was fundementally upset.   The Primians spent longer on the planet, and built several major structures and settlements on the planet as a way to appease the Minorans. This lasted until 10 Three 344 PT.

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