Space Station One

"Ever since its launch in 860 PT, Space Station One has been the home of Peacekeeper Command, and such has been at the heart of the Peacekeeper Alliance.   It is the control centre for everything which happens across the Peacekeeper Territories. These are the halls where decisions are made, where laws are passed and where the great and the good pass their days. The aim for anyone working in any level within The Alliance, is to call Space Station One home."  
— Extract from A Brief and Glorious Introduction to The Alliance
by Peacekeeper M'Plisk  
  The Station orbits P'Ache Prime and holds the housing and offices for Peacekeeper Command, as well as for the elite members of Peacekeeper Diplomacy, Peacekeeper Efficiency and Peacekeeper Integrity.


The population of The Station is predominantly Pachian Peacekeepers, with maybe 10%-15% being people whose heritage is from outside P'Ache Solar System. They are all aged between 30 years old and 80 years old, with 63% being between 45 and 60 years old.   Only a certain amount of housing and office space is made available to each group of people who live and work within The Station. These ratios are listed below.  
Department Level % of Station Population
Command Directors and Higher 5%
Command Executive Branch 20%
Command Command Logisitics 15%
Diplomacy Directors and Higher 5%
Efficiency Directors and Higher 10%
Integrity Directors and Higher 10%
Command Cleaning & Hospitality 20%
Command Maintenance 15%


As with all settlements within Peacekeeper Territories, The Station is governed by Peacekeeper Command. However, as The Command are based here, they have a more active say in the way in which things are run. Everyone here works for the Alliance, and therefore report into Command.   There are departments dedicated to the maintenance, upkeep and hospitatlity within Space Station One, who report into Peacekeeper Command. This includes recreational activities available for people who are here in their downtime.  


817 PT
Planning for SS1 begins  
825 PT
Building and development begins  
843 PT
Initial prototypes launch  
851 PT
Initial hub launch  
860 PT
SS1 opens  
1204 PT
Additional sections open  
Space Station One was groundbreaking from the time of its conception. When the initial hub was launched into orbit around P'Ache Prime in 851 PT, it was the first of its kind, and this is a theme which has stuck with The Station throughout its history.   Those initial 9 years were spent constructing the space station while in orbit, and it was officially opened in 860 PT as a base for Peacekeeper Command. It was designed to impress people from planets who were being invited to join The Alliance and also to give a place for planetary command representatives to meet with Peacekeeper Command without having to allow them onto the surface of P'Ache Prime or any of the other P'Ache Solar System planets.   By the end of 1063 PT, it was agreed that additional sections should be added to the Space Station One in order to allow for expansion of Peacekeeper Command and for Diplomacy, Efficiency and Integrity to have their own areas. These spaces were added to The Station over the following century and a half, and in 1204 PT these ares were officially opened and used by the Three Pillars.
  Over the years since the addition of the other sections, parts have been replaced, and in fact, there are no pieces of the original build which remain today. However, at no point since 1204 PT has The Station been closed for any reason.


The Station has no defences designed to protect it from outside forces, as it sits well within the borders of the P'Ache Solar System, and it is not believed that any bad actors would be able to penetrate so far in to Peacekeeper space.   Space Station One does have in-built security, however, who work within the hospitality team, and are tasked with thoroughly inspecting any craft and person who visits the station. Technology is used to support with this, as well as several types of automaton which are designed to carry out particular tasks.   They may be based around the docking areas, but they are responsible for the security of everyone on The Station. That includes escorting those who need to be out of situations which are dangerous for themselves and or others. They also have several "interview" spaces for these individuals.  
"I won't be including Space Station One in my book, as I will not be travelling there. This is partly because it seemed unfair to write about walking the halls of somewhere that so few are able to visit, but mostly because even I am not brave enough or foolish enough to risk getting on the wrong side of the Security and Hospitality teams on The Station."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  

Industry & Trade

The majority of the industry within The Station is bureaucratic in nature. It is the business of running the Peacekeeper Alliance and everyone within it.   However, there is some industry and trade generated by the Peacekeeper Efficiency team and their technological and scientific developments. This is ultimately secondary to everything else though.


There are seven major districts within The Station. These districts are listed below and can be found on the map of Space Station One.  

Command Quarter

The Command Quarter holds all of the necessaries for Peacekeeper Command to function. This includes areas for the offices for:
  • Upper management
  • Executive branch
  • Command logistics
  • Hosting dignitaries
  • Informal ceremonies
This area also includes some Command personnel only bars and recreational spaces.


Peacekeeper Diplomacy
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
The Diplomacy Area includes offices for the Head of Diplomacy and their assistants, but the majority of the space is designed for hosting people planets outside of the Territories. The largest room in this area is the Conference Room, which is suitably intimidating. The Diplomacy Area also has its own flight deck.


Peacekeeper Efficiency
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
The Efficiency Area is mainly offices for the various departments within Efficiency. There's also a large space dedicated to scientific development and experimentation. There are research spaces and rooms which are designed for technical planning.


Peacekeeper Integrity
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
The Integrity Area, as well as offices for the higher ups, has a large suite of recording studios and creative spaces for ensuring a shared message across all areas of the Territories. There are several transmission spaces as well as rooms designed for "interviewing" and "understanding" people who don't maintain the message.

Living Quarter

The Living Quarter is where everyone lives, but they are broken up into several sub-sections, including Prime-View, which is reserved for the truly elite, and Space-View, which is considered second tier. Those who work in maintenance and hospitality don't get a view.

Recreation District

The Recreation District includes many bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. There are spaces here for sports and excercise as well as other acceptable hobbies. There is even a theatre which holds regular performances and hosts performers from across the Territories.

Behind The Scenes

The Behind The Scenes Area is mainly for the parts of The Station which are required for Space Station One to stay in the orbit and maintain life, but aren't interesting enough to be part of any of the other areas. This includes the docking bays.


Tourists are not permitted on Space Station One. There are some living spaces left available for diplomatic and business visitors from other areas. The only way to gain access to The Station is to be invited, either as a promotion within Peacekeeper Alliance which would be a permenant (or semi-permenant) relocation, or as a guest of someone who works within The Station for business reasons.


The Station maintains a standardised temperature of 22°C (71°F), with a few excpetions for areas designed to accommodate peoples from planets where this is either too hot or too cold to function comfortably. There are adapters which regulate gravity across Space Station One, again with the exception of a few areas either for experimental or diplomatic reasons.   Light across The Station is also regulated to ensure that all workers are on the same day to night sleep pattern. This matches the day light cycle in Upper Prime, the largest city on P'Ache Prime.   There are a few areas on Space Station One which have climate controls, in terms of allowing a level of humidity which can be customised by people with the correct level of access. These areas are either for diplomatic reasons, as with the temperature and gravity, but are most of them are used for managing the growth of vegetation. This vegetation serves two purposes. Some is available for all inhabitants of Space Station One for relaxation, to assist in mental health treatments and general wellbeing. The remaining areas are used for growing edible vegetations which is then processed and sold throughout The Station.

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  • Space Station One
Founding Date
18 Two 860 PT
Alternative Name(s)
The Station, SS1
Orbital, Station
Location under
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