"I have never met a Primian who wasn't fully aware of themselves at all time. Primians hold themselves in high regard and have a fundemental set of unwavering standards written into the core of their very being.   They are a good people. They are my people."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly

People of Standing

  Primians are raised to have a very strong sense of duty, but also of decorum. While what they consider polite or impolite may differ from other ethnicities and cultures, as a collective they are in strong agreement on the subject and make sure everyone is aware of what standard they should be meeting. Judgemental may not be the right word, but they have been known to have a rigidity in their way of thinking.

A.K.A Peacekeepers

Primians became known as Peacekeepers in the late 700s PT. They are still a unique ethnicity but are often grouped in with the other ethnicities from P'Ache Solar System.   Because they have been grouped together for over four millenia, a lot of the ideals and traditions have blended together. However, they still have a few elements which separate them, and these are listed below.



Early Age
-6000PT to -3500PT   War Age
-3500PT to -2000PT   Industrial Age
-2000PT to -800PT   Space Age
-800PT to -500PT   Expansion Age
-500PT to 1PT

Pre-Intergalactic Peace Treaty

  During the Early Age, the Primians lived mostly below ground, finding ways to avoid the storms of P'Ache Prime. It wasn't until the beginning of the War Age that Primians started living above ground. There were up to 39 factions fighting at any one time.By the end, the Primians joined as a single people and focused their efforts on development and industry, known as the Industrial Age.   This prompted the start of the Space Age during which the Primians' focus became finding other planets which might be more habitable than theirs. This was closely followed by the Expansion Age during which they explored the solar system, made contact with the other people inhabiting it and eventually reached out to P'Ache Minor.

The First Treaty

The Peacekeeper calendar starts with the day that the first Peace Treaty was signed between the Minorans and the Primians. The era is therefore named PT, which stands for Post-Treaty.

Building The Alliance

After signing the treaty with the Minorans, the Primians sought to expand their influence further by reaching out to the Macrans. This lead to both The First Micro Rebellion, The Second Micro Rebellion and the Minor Unrest in the early 300s PT. On 1 One 400 the Primians established Primian Command, which later became Peacekeeper Command and by the late 700s PT they had joined with the other ethnicities of P'Ache Solar System and were more commonly known as Peacekeepers.


Foods & Cuisine


Fraga is considered the "perfect dish", particularly by the Primians.   It consists of a precisely cooked steak, topped with a gel made from a combination of fruit juices and fat from the beast itself, that has a salty and sweet taste. Traditionally, this is made from Ikkne steak, but any large red meat will work.  
P'Ache Prime | Main | Expensive


Trangen is a deep fried breakfast dish, which was traditionally a working-man's food, but has since been elevated to elite status.   The balls contain Globnan, a fungal ball which is extremely delicate and can burst if handled with too much pressure. It shatters when bitten into, leaving the eater with a burst of the sticky sweet juice inside.  
P'Ache Prime | Breakfast | Expensive

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Primians pride themselves on their forward-looking attitude and as such aren't a big one for traditions. They do, however, believe in celebrating successes. 1 One of every year (the first day of the new year) is a feast day initially to celebrate the signing of the first peace treaty and then later to include the founding of the Peacekeeper Academy.

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