P'Ache Prime (PP1.1-11)

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"The green and yellow of the sky lets me know that I'm home, but it's not until I set foot in one of the many bustling cities that I truly feel it.   Yes, the storms may be raging outside, flashes of lightening tearing through the sky above, but under one of the magnificent mantles which cover the cities of P'Ache Prime, one need not be afraid. I prefer to look up and marvel at what we can overcome."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly
  P'Ache Prime is the original home of the Primians, who are now more commonly known as Peacekeeper and are part of the Peacekeeper Alliance.


The green and yellow atmosphere of the planet makes it appear something of an emerald in the P'Ache Solar System. However, on the surface, the green and yellow is generated by storms which crackle through the sky and cause almost constant showers.   The planet's surface is 75% water, and 25% landmass. There are four continents and seven major mountain ranges. The biggest city in P'Ache Prime is known as Upper Prime, and it is one of more than 749 major cities across the planet.  


Due to the ongoing storms, the people of P'Ache Prime developed ways to avoid the weather. A large amount of the land is heavily populated, and all settlements have 'mantles', large transparent covers which run the length and breadth of a settlement, protecting the inhabitants from wind, rain and lightning.   These mantles were created by Primians, and have since been shipped across the Peacekeeper Territories.

Peacekeeper Alliance

P'Ache Prime is at the heart of the Peacekeeper Territories. It is where the Peacekeeper Academy and the P'Ache Prime Media Outlets are based. In orbit around the planet is Space Station One, which is the home of Peacekeeper Command, the centre of the Peacekeeper Alliance.


During the Early Age, the Primians lived mostly below ground, finding ways to avoid the constantly inclement weather of their planet. It wasn't until the beginning of the War Age that Primians developed the Mantles and started living above ground. During this time there were as many as 39 factions of Primians contesting the ownership of various areas of land.   By the end of the War Age, the Primians had joined as a single people and focused their efforts on development and industry, known as the Industrial Age. This age took its toll on the planet and its climate and the storms worsened.   This prompted the start of the Space Age during which the Primians' focus became finding other planets which might be more habitable than theirs. This was closely followed by the Expansion Age during which they explored the solar system, made contact with the other people inhabiting it and eventually reached out to P'Ache Minor.   Since the first Peace Treaty was signed in 0PT, P'Ache Prime has been the centre of control for first the Primians and then the Peacekeepers as a whole.  
On 860 PT, Space Station One was launched and settled into orbit around the planet. This was the first space-based settlement in Peacekeeper history.


Tourists visiting P'Ache Prime do so to see the birthplace and forever home of The Alliance. There are experiences which allow tourists to do a "storm walk", experiencing the climate of the planet without the protection of the Mantles.

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