P'Ache Micro (PM1.13-11.21)

Peacekeeper Categorisation: PM1.13-11.21
"From afar, P'Ache Micro is undoubtedly the most beautiful planet in the P'Ache Solar System. But one need only navigate past its eye-catching rings to see beyond the facade.   It is wet and it is hot.   No, that's not specific enough, so I will try again. It is too wet and it is too hot. I have travelled there so that you don't have to. Hope that you never have to."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly
  P'Ache Micro is the original home of the Macran who are now more commonly seen as Peacekeeper, and are part of the Peacekeeper Alliance.


The planet of P'Ache Micro sits within the P'Ache Solar System as one of the four habitable planets in this system.   Its name comes not from the relative size of the planet, but from the relative habitable land on the planet compared to the others in that system. The surface is 90% water, with the remaining land being prodominantly swamp and marsh land.


P'Ache Micro is extremely humid. The thick atmosphere maintains heat on the planet surface and as a result the water cycle moves relatively quickly. There are three seasons, each of which lasts approximately one peacekeeper year, and the three landmasses are all on same side of the planet, so experience them similarly.  

Hot Season

Highs: 35°C (95°F)
Lows: 30°C (86°F)
Humidity: 60%
Precipitation: 170mm (6.7inch) (monthly)

Damp Season

Highs: 30°C (86°F)
Lows: 25°C (77°F)
Humidity: 75%
Precipitation: 300mm (11.8inch) (monthly)

Wet Season

Highs: 35°C (95°F)
Lows: 25°C (77°F)
Humidity: 90%
Precipitation: 600mm (23inch) (monthly)

Natural Resources

There are three landmasses; the Rakan is the largest and by far the most heavily populated with upwards of 50,000 inhabitants, followed by the Sasnak with 20,000 residents and then the Sukset which is the smallest with approximately 5,000 people living on it.   Most of the inhabitants of P'Ache Micro don't live on these landmasses, choosing instead to live where they work, on the enormous extraction rigs which are situated at regular intervals across the expansive ocean. These extraction rigs are designed to managed mainly by machine, but are still peopled in order to ensure their smooth running. The rigs extract precious metals and other materials which are then shipped to various parts of the Peacekeeper Territories to be used for construction of techonolgies and the advancement of the Alliance.   These rigs have been used by many a person in need of somewhere to lay low, and with minimal oversight have been known to house opperations which the Alliance chooses to turn a blind eye to.


P'Ache Micro has been part of the Peacekeeper Alliance since its inception. It is best known within the Alliance for the battles fought between the Macrans and the Primians long before. The First Micro Rebellion and The Second Micro Rebellion happened in the early- to mid-300s PT, and caused changes to the peace treaty template which are still used today, 4,000 years later.


There's not a lot of tourism to P'Ache Micro, but every few years, during the Damp Season, a group of students from Peacekeeper Academy are taken to see the planet to better understand the impact of the two Micro Rebellions. These tours are largely inaccurate and heavily favour the Primians perspectives on this war, but there are also a few who offer an "authentic Macran experience" that are biased to the other side.

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