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Kired (Ky-red)

"The Macrans who insist on following old traditions often cover themselves in mud. No one knows why.   Well, maybe someone knows why. But what with all the mud, I didn't get close enough to ask."  
— Extract from Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  


Material Characteristics

Kired is usually found in the swamps of P'Ache Micro, large amounts gather around tree roots under the water, settling on top of the mud.   It looks like mud, but is a richer colour brown than the mud usually found on P'Ache Micro, and has a thicker consistency when covered in water.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Kired is naturally found underwater, but dries into a soft grey colour, which sticks to the skin of the Macrans who choose to apply it. Once dry, it takes a lot of water to return to its previous state, usually being submerged for upwards of 72 hours will do the trick.   The material isn't digestable and has no nutritional properties. However, when put on the skin and dried it allows the skin to breath more freely, causing the Macran wearing it to better maintain a reasonable body temperature under the sweltering heat of the planet.

History & Usage


Macran have been applying mud to their skin since before recorded history on the planet. This practice likely predates the Coming of Age ceremony, but it was this tradition which solidified the place of the Kired in the Macran culture.

Everyday use

Kired is the key component in the Macran Coming of Age ceremony, in which a child is taken on something called a "mudwalk". The arms and legs of the child are touched by each person of the community with Kired and this marks them becoming part of the adult society. From now on, they are able to apply intricate designs to their skin, a symbol of adulthood.   Kired is also used in a more general fashion by the people of P'Ache Micro to keep cool in the heat.

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People Macran
Locations P'Ache Micro, P'Ache Solar System
Vaguely sulphuric with under-layers of roast almonds
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Solid - usually appears like soft mud
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Interesting material. I liked the opening quote, and the usage.

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I like the concept. scientifically I think maybe the mud cracks when dried creating increased surface area for heat loss? I dont know, saying it allows the skin to breathe more freely by covering it seems counter-intuitive to me.

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