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Peacekeeper Territories

"The Peacekeeper Territories is the largest and most powerful collection of planets and solar systems in the known universe. This group of individual cultures come together under the banner of the Peacekeeper Alliance for the betterment of everyone within the Alliance. It is an astonishing thing and something we are grateful for every day."  
— Extract from A Brief and Glorious Introduction to The Alliance
by Peacekeeper M'Plisk


The Peacekeeper Territories includes all solar systems and planets which are part of the Peacekeeper Alliance.   The boundaries of this geography has changed over the past several millennia, which can be seen detailed in the Peacekeeper Expansion Chronicle.   As of the time of writing the following systems are part of the Peacekeeper Territories.      
Each of the planets within the Peacekeeper Territories is categorised based on criteria which has been laid out by Peacekeeper Command. This categorisation is used for communicating quickly within the Alliance, and also a version of ranking.   Everyone within the Peacekeeper Territories has a User ID for which the beginning portion is the categorisation of the planet the individual is born on.


  The articles listed on the left hand side show some of the details of different elements of the individual cultures, and of the Peacekeeper ideals.   Each of the planets within The Territories has its own culture and ethnicities, but there is an overarching tendency towards the culture of the Peacekeepers.   This is not by accident. There is a team within Peacekeeper Integrity who work towards encouraging the adoption of Peacekeeper Culture across the Territories, as a method of uniting the people.   The Peacekeepers are, generally, not good at adapting to other people's ways of working for extended lengths of time. For this reason, there are several elements which are true across all of the planets within The Territories. These elements include:  
  • A name which is pronouncable by a Pachian
  • A species name which is pronouncable by a Pachian
  • No on-planet violence
  • Agreement to report into a single person or group of people for everyone on the planet
  In exchange for these things, they are elevated to a certain level of technology and given opportunities which would not otherwise be available to them. This is often enough to persuade them. The subtler changes come after that.
"There are a lot of oddities in this group of systems we call the Peacekeeper Territories. Oddities and strangeness and sometimes it is a wonder that we are able to co-exist at all. It often doesn't feel as though it should, and yet somehow it works because we are all working together, and there are somethings more important than differences.   And, of course, they all want to be more Pachian, like us."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly

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