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The Primary Territories

"I have often been heart to refer to The Primary Territories as my home away from home. Not that they are always the most like my beloved P'Ache Solar System, but that they are by far the most advanced and their culture most like that of the planets in my home system.   I am as likely to hear a parent telling their child that "every spoonful of Ressure can make its own Rantis" here as I am in the streets of Upper Prime. I am not saying they are as advanced as we are, but it is a real comfort."  
— Extract from Reuniting With An Old Friend: Travels Through The Primary Territories
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  


The name for the solar system, the Primary Territories was named by the Peacekeepers when they entire system joined the Peacekeeper Alliance.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold, and this extended to the solar systems as well, grabbing the first opportunity with this solar system.   Often these systems weren't named until the Peacekeepers came along, so choosing a name was fairly straight forward. As this system was the first one outside of P'Ache Solar System to join the Alliance, they named it Primary Territories.


The Primary Territories is a solar system which consists of 26 planets which orbit a star named by the Peacekeepers as Prime. Of these planets six of them had sapient species on them when the Peacekeepers arrived. These planets include:    


Around 697 PT, life was discovered on the Primary Territories by the Pachians from P'Ache Solar System. There was, of course, life there before, but as a system it went undocumented until the Peacekeepers arrived.   Between 698 PT and 772 PT, the Primary Territories were thoroughly mapped and the planets there investigated by the Peacekeepers. This included interviewing the sapient species here and seeking out resources which could benefit them.   In 791 PT, the first planet, Asor, signed a peace treaty and became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance, which was established at the same time. Retsevli was the last planet to sign a peace treaty with the Peacekeepers in 1374 PT.   On 1 One 1410 PT, the Primary Territories was founded and the Peacekeepers were satisfied that their diplomatic work was done. However, in 1574, the species of the Primary Territories joined together against the Peacekeepers. The Primary Territories Uprising lasted until 1611 PT and in the three millennia since there have been no major issues between these species and the Peacekeepers.   The end of the Uprising saw the establishment of the Primary Territories Command, which all of the planets report in to and reports, in turn, to Peacekeeper Command.

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