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"Named for the rocks and debris which orbit the planet, which from a distance and if you squint with bad eyesight could look like the floral crowns of old; Laurels has no other redeeming features.   Of all the populated planets in this system, Laurels is the only one for which I required my own air supply. A cumbersome necessity only adds to the burdens involved in visiting this particular "gem". The preparatory safety briefing went on for two days and the accompanying biscuits were dreadful. Think carefully before putting yourself through this."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  
Laurels is the home of the Lcha, who became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance in 3720 PT. It is represented by Victalis Command within the Alliance, alongside the other planets of this solar system.   The Lcha live almost exclusively below the surface, a fact which allows them to survive the many natural disasters which plague the planet several times a month.


Laurels is the name which was given to the planet by the Peacekeeper Alliance when it became part of Peacekeeper Territories.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold. The planets within the Victalis System were all given names that brought with them a sense of victory. The history books claim this name came from the debris orbiting the planet, but it was actually the act of a Peacekeeper within Peacekeeper Diplomacy who owned a thesaurus.


Laurels sits within The Victalis System which is part of the Peacekeeper Territories. It is one of the five habitable planets within the system and is the third of these planets from the sun which is known as Victal.   The atmosphere around the planet is made up of several different toxic substances, which are highly combustable and, if handled correctly, can be used for deep-planet mining.   The surface of the planet is 50% water and 50% land. There are four major landmasses on Laurels, with a large number of mountain ranges.


The atmosphere and the air of the planet, while technically breathable is toxic to most oxygen-breathing species if inhaled for more than a few minutes. The few species which live on Laurels have adapted a filtration system within their windpipe which allows them to clean the air before it is fully inhaled. It is then exhaled.   The rest of the planet is not safer. Every month there are multiple natural disasters which cause havoc and destruction on the planet's surface.

Natural disasters ordered by frequency

  1. Earthquakes
  2. Landslides
  3. Volcanic Erruptions
  4. Tsunami
  5. Floods
  6. Wild Fires
  7. Tornadoes
  8. Sink Holes

Natural Resources

Several of the gasses in the atmosphere around Laurels, while toxic to enhale, are rare and extremely combustible. They can be constructed in a lab, at great expense, and are cheaper and more effective if harvested naturally. They are extremely useful for deep-planet mining, but need to be handled correctly, because they can be dangerous.


Before the Peacekeepers arrived, the Lcha were perfectly happy fighting each other in their burrows and avoiding the perils of the natural disasters that plague the surface. Around 2874 PT, the Peacekeepers landed on the planet but didn't acknowledge the Lcha as sentient beings. They visited sporadically over the following centuries, and received a less than positive reception from the Lcha who were convinced they were going to try to steal one of their queens. Eventually, the Peacekeepers realised that they needed to acknowledge the furry, burrowing species. From 3402 PT until 3512 PT the Peacekeepers had an almost constant presence on the planet, fluxuating from fewer than ten people all the way up to several hundred people at a time, studying the natural resources and atmosphere of Laurels. In 3670 PT, the Peacekeepers entered into negotiations with the Lcha, and after years of discussions, on 2 One 3720 PT, the planet was renamed Laurels and became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance.

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