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"Celebrate is a... unique place. While a lot of the landscapes and architecture are beautiful in their way, everything is wrapped in a regressive spiritualism which taints it and gives what would otherwise be quaint a somewhat sad feel.   If only the Clebveth weren't so backwards, this planet might be more impressive."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  
Celebrate is the home of the Clebveth, who became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance in 3933 PT. It is represented by Victalis Command within the Alliance, alongside the other planets of this solar system.   The Clebveth are known for their spirituality, and as there is a lot about their planet which would be a struggle to explain, their reliance on the mystic to make sense of it is to be expected.


Celebrate is the name which was given to the planet by the Peacekeeper Alliance when it became part of Peacekeeper Territories.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold. The planets within the Victalis System were all given names that brought with them a sense of victory and celebration.


Celebrate sits within The Victalis System which is part of the Peacekeeper Territories. It is one of the five habitable planets within the system and is the second of these planets from the sun which is known as Victal.   The planet surface is 55% water and 45% land, most of which is situated away from the poles. There are four major landmasses each of which touches the equator at some point.   There is a chemical in the atmosphere which makes it appear yellow from space. This chemical, Hypobepolium, is found in several planets in this system. It is extremely useful to the Peacekeeper Alliance, as it used in the production of several computing elements.  

Notable Areas

There are several notable areas on the main landmass of Celebrate. These include:     These areas are the places which are most commonly visited by people visiting the planet.  

Cliffs Where The Worlds Meet

Named for the myth about a "world" crashing into the side of the mountain, and forming the cliffs. These cliffs are now home the planet's capital, Nvos. The city was originally a trading post, back when the quickest way of transporting goods down the side of the cliffs by a carefully constructed pulley system.   The people of Nvos are now known mostly for the metal, bone, ceramic and stone they choose to attach to or put through their bodies. These decorations have symbolic and personal meaning to the wearers, and for a few they have religious significance as well.
  Also in the cliffs is the Temple of Keys, which plays home to a devout religious sect who guard the Keys Ossuary that lies beneath it, deep within the mountains.

The Empty Fields

The Empty Fields weren't always called such. They were once a rich source of vegetables, herbs and grains for the land, but were decimated by a plague which arrived at about the same time as the first Peacekeepers. The fields haven't been the same since, and now all that grows are the unusual mushrooms.   These mushrooms are said to have hallucinogenic properties, although they only affect certain species.   The Fields are also home to the Hissing Monastery, which is home, of course, to the Hissing Order.
The monks of the Hissing Order are reknowned across Celebrate for their skills with weaponry and, although these weapons know appear archaic, the manufacture of them is highly sought after, and something the monks keep a closely guarded secret.

Rainforests of the South

The Rainforests of the South are so called because they cover the southern portion of three of the four landmasses of Celebrate.   On the largest landmass, known as Ashov, the Rainforests surround an enourmous fresh water lake, known as the pool of chimes for the noise the 597 waterfalls that surround it make as the water drips in. It is said that each chime is the sound of a spirit being shepherded through into the afterlife. The waters are recognised to have healing properties for the Clebveth, although the Peacekeepers are yet to understand how or why.
  Yantik, one of the other landmasses, uses the Rainforests of the South as a graveyard for their dead. Strange vegetables grow here, that aren't found anywhere else on the planet and have a unique flavour. It is said that the graveyard was cursed for a thousand years by the spirit of one who was burried there, but this is regarded by Peacekeepers as superstitious nonesense.

Sea of Tyrants

The Sea of Tyrants is considered a place of mystery and wonder by the Clebveth. It is said that in the evenings, as the sun is setting, you can hear the whispers of past visitors to the coast.   The Path of Reflection leads into and through the Sea of Tyrants. This path has been used by Clebveth for thousands of years, and was originally used for harvesting salt water-based vegetation. Whatever impacted the Empty Fields had a similar impact here, because around the same time, the vegetation turned a curious pink colour and became highly poisonous. This poison is useful when extracted, but can't replace the nutritional value which was lost.
  In the middle of the sea, which can be seen from the coastline on a clear day, is an enormous metal and glass dome. This dome was originally built as a shelter for those working on the Path of Reflections who needed to escape inclement weather.

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