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"Succeed is an interesting planet for those wanting to see where P'Ache Prime was about 8,000 years ago. The semi-primitive technology, the wastes of space which could be put to better uses, the ignorance with the belief of advancement. It's almost cute.   It's like a step back in time, although why anyone would want to traipse through history is beyond me."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  
Succeed is the home of the Suuu, who became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance in 4111 PT. It is represented by Victalis Command within the Alliance, alongside the other planets of this solar system.   The Suuu have long sought advancement, and were already achieving a primitive version of space flight when the Peacekeepers arrived.


Succeed is the name which was given to the planet by the Peacekeeper Alliance when it became part of Peacekeeper Territories.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold. The planets within the Victalis System were all given names that brought with them a sense of victory and success.


Succeed sits within The Victalis System which is part of the Peacekeeper Territories. It is one of the five habitable planets within the system and is the furthest of these planets from the sun which is known as Victal.   The planet surface is 75% water and 25% land. There are five major landmasses with more than 2,000 smaller islands scatter around the northern hemisphere.   There is a chemical in the atmosphere which makes it appear yellow from space. This chemical, Hypobepolium, is found in several planets in this system. It is extremely useful to the Peacekeeper Alliance, as it used in the production of several computing elements.  

Notable Areas

There are several notable areas on the Succeed. These include:     These areas are the places which are most commonly visited by people visiting the planet.  


The name 'Kaan Paah' comes from the Suuu phrase "where no snow falls", which is actually the name for the mountain onto which the metropolis is built. The mountain is on one of the northern islands, and should be snow-clad most of the year, but because of the oceanic streams in this area, they are unusually warm.   The spaceport here has a famous launchpad, called Launch From Ice. It is the oldest launchpad on the planet, and was created by a group intent on starting a new civilisation on a new planet. This, however, didn't happen, because the Peacekeepers got there before space travel was beyond an introductory phase.  
Beneath the city, within the mountain, there is a complex tunnel system which was built millennia before and is now all but abandoned.

The Hidden Sands

The colour of the Hidden Sands is unusual, because as far as anyone aware, there has never been rocks this shade of green on Succeed. It's possible that some event has changed the colour, but it has been this way as long as recorded history.   Amidst the Hidden Sands is a city called 'Faaraah', which translates as "the city that does not kneel". It was once a site for execution grounds for the communities how lived on the Sands, but it has grown into its own city, with a great amount of industry based around the creatures which call the Sands home.  
Another highlight of the Hidden Sands is the Arachnobservatory, an observatory which was built by a group of hackers who thought that they could access technology from other planets. Their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. It is named for the spider's web like appearance of the main building.

Windward Wasteland

The Windward Wasteland was once an ancient lake, as has been shown by some of the fossils and skeletons which occassionally rise to the surface. There are irregular soundwaves which echo across the wasteland, most too low to be heard but can be felt by many sapients. These soundwaves disrupt the ground and cause the fossils and skeletons to rise.   The Windward Wasteland is also the home of the Shifting Bog, which is also impacted by these soundwaves. The bog is home to many large and aggressive beasts, which the Suuu avoid at all costs, as it's not worth the risk.  
The Road of Endless Tracks also runs through the Wasteland, avoiding the Bog and areas where there might be similar dangers. The road moves when the soundwaves affect it. Because of this, its exact location, and its start and end points are not clear. However, there are lore and stories which suggest there is a hidden treasure at the end of the road.

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