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"The aptly named Terror are a grumbly groany sort of people, and looking at their planet, it's hardly surprising. I'd be inclined to grumble if I lived here too."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly  
Triumph is the home of the Terror, who became part of the Peacekeeper Alliance in 4304 PT. It is represented by Victalis Command within the Alliance, alongside the other planets of this solar system.   The Terror are so called by the Peacekeepers because of how difficult the negotiations with them were. This was in no small part because of the cultural and linguistic differences between them and Pachians.


Triumph is the name which was given to the planet by the Peacekeeper Alliance when it became part of Peacekeeper Territories.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold. The planets within the Victalis System were all given names that brought with them a sense of victory.


Triumph sits within The Victalis System which is part of the Peacekeeper Territories. It is one of the five habitable planets within the system and is the fourth of these planets from the sun which is known as Victal.   The planet surface is 63% water and 37% land. There are 12 major landmasses most of which are located in the sourthern hemisphere.   There is a chemical in the atmosphere which makes it appear yellow from space. This chemical, Hypobepolium, is found in several planets in this system. It is extremely useful to the Peacekeeper Alliance, as it used in the production of several computing elements.  

Notable Areas

There are several notable areas on Triumph. These include:     These areas are the places which are most commonly visited by people visiting the planet.  

The Songless City

The Songless City is so called because of a folklore which has grown up around the Terror. The story goes that when the Terror first started building the city, they did so in the face of the gods, and so the gods cursed the Terror, preventing them from being able to sing.   The city itself straddles the Green River as far as the Sun Coast. The half of city on the north side of the river was once the estate of an ancient family, who can trace thier bloodline back as far as the supposed curse. The estate has now been given over to the people, but a lot of the buildings and gardens remain in tact.

Bonechill Mountains

The Bonechill Mountains in the far south are home to the planet's largest glacier which stretches 15,000 square miles from the mountains to the pole.   The mountains mark the edge of civilisation on the planet, with no one living further south. Indeed, few venture into the mountains and those that do tend to go there for one reason; to find the Stadium Beyond Fear. This stadium is said to be home to bloodsports and traditions which have been banned since the Treaty in 4304 PT. No Peacekeeper has ever found the Stadium, and most doubt its existance, but that doesn't stop people from venturing south every year.

Leeward Tundra

The Leeward Tundra covers a vast amount of one of the northern most landmasses. It is the home of a battlefield which saw the final battle in The War That Yawns, which ended in 3278 PT. It is said that this field was once a lush and expansive grassland, but the final battle saw it decimated drom its former glory.   At the end of the War That Yawns, the losing general was marched for 176 miles across the Tundra to the Lake where she was executed by being hung from her legs above the lake and slowly drowned. It is said that she laughed at her executioner as she was lowered down, and her laughter still sometimes echoes around the lake today.

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