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Rrkar, Capital City of Victor

"If ever you need proof of the adaptiveness of the Vkan, Rrkar is all the evidence you'd need. The blend of natural stone and technology shows a surprising amount of intelligence for a species so far from the P'Ache Solar System.   Arriving in the city, I was immediately immersed in an underground labyrinth of ruddy stone tunnels, wide plazas and metal structures. It's definitely not the most uncomfortable I've been and the accommodation was surprisingly roomy, but the lack of natural light is a constant reminder of how rustic this city is. As someone used to living on Space Station One and therefore used to living away from the surface of a planet, I'd honestly expected better. By now you'd think I'd know not to get my hopes up."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly


  Rrkar is the capital city of Victor, the closest planet to the star Victal in The Victalis System. Victor is the hottest habitable planet in the solar system, and as such the surface is not particularly hospitable.   Rrkar is situated in the southern hemisphere on one of the larger landmasses. The surrounding area is heavy rock and covered in a large amount of sand. The city is built mainly underground, with very little of it visible from above ground.


The inhabitants of Rrkar consist of both Vkan and other species. Here is an approximate breakdown of percentages:  
Species Age Percentage*
Vkan <20 11.43%
Vkan 20 - 55 46.19%
Vkan >55 12.35%
Pachian 20 - 55 4.33%
Pachian >55 0.79%
Clebveth 20 - 55 1.76%
Clebveth >55 2.56%
Lcha 20 - 55 0.01%
Lcha >55 8.78%
Suuu 20 - 55 4.03%
Suuu >55 1.84%
Terror 20 - 55 1.44%
Terror >55 1.01%
Other Any 3.48%
* It should be noted that numbers were accurate at the time of writing (13 Three 4748 PT).
  The Rrkans, inhabitants of Rrkar, are predominantly Vkan, as this has historically been a Vkan settlement.   The Vkan are known for their ability to adapt, and that is a fundamental part of the city. While they are mostly an above-ground dwelling species, they have used the naturally occurring underground tunnel system to create a comfortable home; building on top of it and adding technology where necessary.


The primary source of government in Rrkar is Victor Command who report to Victalis Command which in turn reports to Peacekeeper Command. Victor Command is more concerned with the running of the entire planet, and representing the Vkan people within the Peacekeeper Alliance.   Focused on the city itself are three Vkan, each of whom has a specific role.
  • Governer for Infrastructure[/li
  • Governer for Order and Laws
  • Governor for Resources
  These three Vkan are rotated every eight to ten years, through a series of nominations, exams and finally a vote.


There are five main districts within Rrkar. These districts are more like levels, as they sit one on top of each other, but they each take up multiple levels. For ease of use for non-Vkan inhabitants and visitors, these districts are named after colours and use these colour names to this day, rather than the vibrations which the Vkan use.   Below is a list of these districts in the order they sit within the city, with the closest to the surface at the top.  

Blue District

The blue district was once called The District of Scouts, or the District of the Blue Dreamers (see Factions below). It was the home of those who left the city regularly to gather resources.   Now, however, the Blue District is the home of the Space Port, and several Sandhopper depots. It also plays home to the people who work in these areas, as well as the centre for Blue Dreamer activities.

Red District

The Red District used to be a storage space but is now essentially a recreation and tourist centre. The major hotels are here, as well as shopping, the sporting arena, a couple of amusement parks and a wide variety of eating establishments.

Yellow District

The Yellow District is the residential district and is by far the widest and deepest of the districts in Rrkar. The preferable areas are closer to the centre as they are closer to the transport tunnels which link the districts. The further out the cheaper the accommodation.

Brown District

The Brown District is the oldest area in Rrkar and has an underground river running through it. It is the centre for industry and home to the large underground farms which feed the city and some of the surrounding settlements.

Green District

The Green District is the centre for government for the city, the planet and the solar system. It is the second oldest area and the furthest underground.   The area was once a place of religion, as it is the easiest place to hear the movement of the tectonic plates.


With the exception of the Blue District, all of the areas of Rrkar have a level of climate control. This is most evident in the Brown District, where it is most needed. The farms here have lighting, temperature, air quality and humidity control. In other areas, these same controls vary depending on the needs of the area.   All of the lights in Rrkar, except for those in the Brown and Red Districts are set on a 20-hour cycle, with 10 hours of an approximation of daylight and 10 hours of a dim twilight. The Brown District lights vary depending on the requirements of the plants. The Red Districts run on 10 hours of daylight followed by 10 hours of neon lights.  


People visit Rrkar to see the center of power, for the planet and the solar system. The Red District is also popular with those looking for a bit of excitement.   The city is also regularly visited by diplomats from other planets entering The Victalis System as this is the initial checkpoint.  

Industry & Trade

The fields and farms which lie in the Brown District make up all of the trade and the majority of the industry in Rrkar. They supply 33 smaller settlements in the area, as well as all of the food and organic goods to the entire city.   The remaining is either diplomatic or recreational coming mainly from people visiting Rrkar.

Guilds and Factions

There are two main factions in the city, the Blue Dreamers and the Deep Breathers. The Blue Dreamers are based in the Blue District, and the Deep Breathers are centred in the Green District. Both factions have regular meetings, which are about discussing ideas and planning shared activities, rather than taking any social or political actions against anything.  

Blue Dreamers

  • Prefer to spend time above ground
  • Live mostly in the southern areas of Victor
  • Reputation for being forward thinking
  • Considered proactive

Deep Breathers

  • Prefer to spend time below ground
  • Live mostly in the northern areas of Victor
  • Reputation for being focused on tradition
  • Considered staid and reactive


Before there was a city here, the Vkan discovered the underground river along with a deep well of water. A village, then a town and then a city quickly grew around this river as a source of sustenance which is not available above ground.   When the treaty was signed with the Peacekeepers in 3583 PT, it was quickly agreed that this should be the centre of the planet-wide government for Victor. Later, when a centre for the system-wide government was also looked for, it was the obvious choice.

Points of interest

There are several major points of interest which sit outside of the amusements and recreations found in the Red District.  

The Dunes

Blue District
The Dunes is a large proctoglass bubble which sits at the top of the city and is the only part of the city which can be easily seen from above ground. It was originally created as a lookout but is now a great attraction. It offers great views of the landscape and can be a very romantic spot.

Hall of Murmers

Green District
One of the oldest buildings in the city, The Hall of Murmurs was once a temple to a now-lost religion and is now where laws are passed for Rrkar. It is an impressive, large hall with a series of intricate carvings on the wall, and is almost constantly vibrating with the movement of the planet's tectonic plates.

Victalis Command

Green District
Victalis Command was built by the Peacekeepers and is an impressively modern metal and coloured glass structure which sticks out compared to the relatively understated construction of the Vkan. It is where decisions are made which affect the entire system and is therefore a popular tourist attraction.  

Moving Garden

Brown District
Every year, a different field is left fallow and flowers and naturally occurring plants. This is done to allow the soil time to repair itself and is known as The Moving Garden. It is made available to residents of the city as a place to escape to and is used for picnics, parties and educational trips for children.


The buildings of Rrkar are predominantly stone, built into the naturally occurring tunnels. As a result, there tend to be curves and circles in a lot of their architecture, and technology is embedded almost seamlessly. Elements like the transportation tunnels, which sit mainly in the centre of the capital, are smooth circles of metal and proctoglass built into carefully carved stone, with large oval openings. The fields and farms are built into large curve-edged caverns, which were originally formed by water running through the stone.

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