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Asor is a beautiful planet. The surface is 82% water and only 18% land. The land is predominantly flat with only two major mountains which break the surface of the oceans, the Alil and the Idank. The planet is warm and has an almost tropical feel. There are copious swamplands around the equator with jungles and rainforests closer to each of the poles.


The planet has two seasons, the warm season and the hot season. Temperatures don't drop below 20°C (68°F) in the warm season and they can reach heights of 35°C (95°F) in the height of the hot season. There are regular rains which are heavier in the warm season, but are still regular throughtout the hot season.


Asor was first discovered by the Peacekeepers on 4 Seven 698PT. The Asora had, of course, been living there for millenia before. The Peacekeepers made contact with the Asora on 1 One 780PT and began attempting to assimilate them into their way of doing things. This lead to a three year war, known as Formation of the Alliance, which wasn't resolved until the Peacekeeper Alliance was founded on 14 Seven 791PT. The following day, the Asora signed a treaty with the Peacekeepers and officially became the first planet from outside of P'Ache Solar System to join the Alliance.

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