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The Aspiration System

"There are many planets in the Aspiration System - not as many as in the Primary Territories, but still quite a few - and of all these planets, Solidarity is absolutely my favourite.   No, it's not just because there are no other sapient peoples on this planet, but because it is beauty and luxury rolled into one. This is what Aspiration is all about. This is what we should all be building towards."  
— Extract from A System Of Hope And Glory: Travels Through The Aspiration System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly


The Aspiration System is the name which was given to the solar system by the Peacekeeper Alliance when it became part of Peacekeeper Territories.   After issues with planets in The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper policy was to rename the planets which it brought into the fold, and this extended to the solar systems as well. Often these systems weren't named until the Peacekeepers came along, so choosing a name was fairly straight forward. The planets within this system were all given names that brought with them a sense of hope, so the solar system was named Aspiration.


The Aspiration System consists of 18 planets, all of which orbit the star which is known as Aspire, and was so named by the Peacekeepers when they named the system. Of those planets, four of them had sapient species on them when the Peacekeepers arrived, and one, Solidarity, was considered habitable by the Peacekeepers. These planets include:  


Life was discovered in the Aspiration System on 1 Three 1800 PT. The Peacekeepers wasted no time investigating the system and exploring and mapping potentially useful resources for the Peacekeeper Alliance.   Solidarity was the first planet to be settled by the Peacekeepers, in part because it was the only habitable planet which had no sapient species on it, and in part because it is a beautiful planet and could easily be monetised as a resort destination. While settling Solidarity, they were in negotiations with the planet which later became known as Unity.   On 25 Two 1949 PT, Unity signed a peace treaty with the Peacekeepers to become part of the Alliance. Affinity did the same on 11 Ten 2010 PT and Loyalty followed behind on 8 Four 2101 PT. Negotiations with the aptly named Harmony were by far the shortest, and they joined the Alliance on 4 Six 2223 PT. By 1 One 2302 PT, after all of the initiations have been completed, the Aspiration System was officially established and became one of the systems in the Peacekeeper Territories.   Since joining the Peacekeeper Territories, the planets each report into Aspiration Command, which in turn reports into Peacekeeper Command.

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