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Galactic Codex

"In this book, I will endeavour to unravel some of the mysteries of the galactic system by putting forward the information and scientific research which I have been able to gather through my own undertakings in the arena of celestial phenomena, and that which those more experienced than I have compiled over the recent years in the areas of physics, maths and chemistry such as they apply to the topic at hand. Should other nations of the world have managed advancements beyond those recorded in these pages, the reader is advised to take those into consideration and use one to support the other by using such methods as..."  
— Extract from Galactic Codex: An Exploration of Our Stars
by Thortkantis


This book was originally written towards the end of the Early Age, although the exact date is difficult to pinpoint, due to the change of the year numbering system which occurred almost five thousand years ago. It was written by a then-famous philosopher, scientist and mathematician called Thortkantis who lived on P'Ache Prime before the world was named.   The book predates space travel by thousands of years and was at one time considered a cornerstone of what allowed Primians to advance. Not all of the ideas proffered in this book are accurate and a lot of them are laughable by modern standards, but it was one of the first books to attempt to describe what was happening beyond the planet's surface and had enough kernels of wisdom to point others in the right direction.   This printing of the book is over nine thousand years old, and there are only 3 printed copies of this book left in the galaxy. One of them is at the Peacekeeper Academy and the other two are held by Peacekeeper Command.

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Culture Peacekeeper, Primian, Pachian
Locations P'Ache Prime, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Book / Document
Related ethnicities
14in x 16in


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