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Single User Lock - S.U.L.

"...your application. We regret to inform you that your request for an S.U.L. (Single User Lock) has been denied at this time. This is due to insufficient evidence provided as to the nature and value of your use case. In future we advise..."  
— Extract from a standard response letter for an S.U.L


The Single User Lock (S.U.L.) is a large ring of a secret combination of metal alloys which are indestructible. It uses a combination biometric and psychometric lock which is programmed to a single living entity. It can be looped and expanded through two or more items in order to hold them together. It is locked in place by the single user it is programmed to.   It is most commonly used for securing high-value items to a bodyguard or similar for transportation. It can be used for securing living beings as well, but the fact that it can only be locked and unlocked by one person makes this less convenient.  


Each S.U.L. is constructed by the Peacekeeper Efficiency department of Peacekeeper Alliance. The technology which makes the metal alloy stretch and unbreakable remains a secret from all of those by the scarce few who have the highest levels of clearance within the organisation.   An S.U.L. is only available to those working directly within The Alliance and even then only if the person had a valid reason (according to Alliance standards) to require one. Taking ownership of an S.U.L. is a painful process, in order to ensure it is programmed to that individual's biometric and psychometric signatures. It then belongs to that person for life.   After a person in possession of an S.U.L. dies, the object in question is returned to the Efficiency team for demolition or safe-keeping (it is not clear which), and so too does anything which the S.U.L. is attached to at that time.  


There are rumours that somewhere deep within the Efficiency team, there is something of a "master key" which will allow access to any S.U.L. without requiring the biometrics and psychometrics of the person it had been programmed to. These rumours have never been substantiated.

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Culture Peacekeeper, Primian, Pachian, Majoran
Locations P'Ache Prime, Space Station One, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
2 oz
min 4 inch radius, max 4 ft radius


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