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"The little metal friend you didn't know you needed."  
— Autogrowler Advertising


The Autogrowler is an adaptation of the Auto/G-RIGS (Automated/Guided - Reconnaissance and Information Gathering System), which was initially developed by Peacekeeper Efficiency as a spy bot which could be sent on automated or guided reconnaissance missions. It was particularly popular during the early years of Peacekeeper Alliance.   As spyware has moved on, the robot fell into disuse and they were collected up to be dissembled and reused. While in the process of being dissembled, a bored junior within Peacekeeper Efficiency repurposed one and sent it home to his little brother. It was so popular it was soon in high demand as a toy.   The Alliance saw an opportunity for observation of citizens and started selling them to a wider market.  


Fundamentally, the Autogrowler is a robot with a Reactive A.I. embedded in it, which makes it capable of reacting to stimuli but not necessarily learning or growing in the way other A.I. can. They have a video, audio and 4D recording system built in which transmits to a data centre near Space Station One whenever certain actions, words or sounds trigger it to do so. This is not necessarily widely known, and the triggers are directed and controlled by Peacekeeper Command.   There are four different "personalities" which can be loaded into the Autogrowler:
  1. Child-Friendly - designed for under 10s
  2. Educational - prompts learning
  3. Fun - tells jokes and plays games
  4. Chaotic - fully randomised responses
  It is perhaps unsurprising that the Chaotic personality is by far the most popular.

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Culture Peacekeeper, Primian, Pachian
Locations P'Ache Prime, Space Station One, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Creation Date
861 PT
Owning Organization
7in x 7in x 7in


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Feb 7, 2024 11:39 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is fun. I like that it's been repurposed into a toy.   Although the fact it still sends data is sinister. XD

Feb 7, 2024 13:40 by Elspeth

Any product of The Alliance has to be a little bit sinister! XD