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Welcome to the Peacekeeper Alliance


If you are reading this, then your planet has signed a treaty with The Peacekeeper Alliance and you are now a member of this wonderful intergalactic community. Congratulations! That makes you part of the largest collective in the known universe.   The purpose of this communication is to ensure that you have everything you need to be a functioning part of this new society we are building together, and that you too can contribute towards making life better for everyone.   So, let's get started.  

What Is The Peacekeeper Alliance?

Together in Unity. Today with Strength. Tomorrow to Glory.
Now that you're a proud member of The Alliance, you should know a little bit about it.   The Peacekeeper Alliance, or The Alliance, is the name given to a collection of planets and solar systems who have agreed to work together towards a better future.   The Alliance provides a governing body in the form of Peacekeeper Command, which helps to ensure that we are building something together, and that what we're working towards is the right thing. Command is the heart of The Alliance.

But Who Are The Peacekeepers?

  Great question! The Peacekeepers were originally a group of ethnicities who all come from the P'Ache Solar System, including the Primians, the Macrans, the Majorans and the Minorans.   They officially joined together over four millennia ago, and have since been reaching out to others to join The Peacekeeper Alliance.
  There are several departments within The Alliance which report directly into Command. Now that you are part of The Alliance, we wanted to give you an insight into each of them.  

An Introduction To Peacekeeper Diplomacy

Dignity and Unity
  Peacekeeper Diplomacy is the department you are probably most familiar with. These are the people who spend time scouring the universe, seeking out planets who would benefit from being part of The Alliance, and helping them take the steps to join our great community.   They are the welcoming arms of The Alliance.
"I am always excited to meet new people. Helping a planet finding its way into being part of The Alliance is what gives my life purpose."  
— Peacekeeper K'Lim
Head of Peacekeeper Diplomacy

Who Else Have They Reached Out To?

In addition to P'Ache Solar System, there are currently three other solar systems whose planets are part of The Alliance.   Each system brings with it a variety of planets, peoples and cultures, who all play their part in making the Peacekeeper Alliance what it is today.    

An Introduction to Peacekeeper Integrity

Whole and Undivided
  Peacekeeper Integrity works hard to hold the planets and peoples within The Alliance together. They are the wonderful people who put this communication together, and they are the people you go to if you have a question about how something is done. They maintain the relationships between different planets and ensure that everyone knows what's going on.   They are the voice of The Alliance.
"The Peacekeeper Territories are so wide-reaching and diverse. It is an honor to work everyday to find a way to bring and keep these differing peoples united."  
— Peacekeeper P'Shar
Head of Peacekeeper Integrity

What Do They Like To Talk About?

As the voice of The Alliance, Peacekeeper Integrity are all about sharing what's happening in different parts of the Peacekeeper Territories.   For those of you with a sweet tooth, or are feeling a bit adventurous, here are some examples in the forms of guides to the foods and celebrations from across The Territories, which you are now part of.    

An Introduction to Peacekeeper Efficiency

Speed and Strength
  Peacekeeper Efficiency are the first people to call when there's an issue. They are all about finding solutions, whether they're technical or not. They are responsible for creating all of the incredible tech which is so much a part of what makes The Alliance great. If there's a new development, or some cool new idea, you can bet it's come from the people at Peacekeeper Efficiency.   They are the brains of The Alliance.
"I love my job, because I know that everything I can do to make The Alliance more efficient, will make life better for an immeasurable number of people."  
— Peacekeeper K'Nyo
Head of Peacekeeper Efficiency

What Kind Of Cool Tech?

The short answer is all of the cool tech! Everything from Wristassist to Tanka Intergalactic Transport are created and constantly improved by teams within Peacekeeper Efficiency.   Now, don't panic if you can't get your hands on the latest technology straight away. We're very careful about introducing technology in a way which is the least disruptive to planets like yours! We make sure that everything we do is in the interest of our Territories and The Alliance.  

How Can I Get Involved?

It's not surprising that now that you're part of The Alliance, you want to become more involved. And there are lots of ways you can do just that.  

Sign Up For Updates

The first thing you should do is sign up to our updates.   Subscribe as a Reader   Subscribe as a Games Master        

Report Suspicious Behaviour

We need everyone on the lookout for suspicous behaviour. One of the things we often find with new planets is that some people can struggle to understand the benefits of The Alliance and cause issues. The last thing we'd want is a couple of bad actors spoiling this exciting opportunity for everyone.  

Work For Your Command

Each planet that joins The Alliance has a Command which reports into the Command for the Solar System. We are always looking for willing volunteers to help out, and you may be able to work your way into being a fully-fledged member of the Command.  

Start A Career With The Alliance

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, then there is only one place to be. The Peacekeeper Academy is an elite educational institution which is only for the best of the best, but if you have what it takes it's the only place to be.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the history of the Alliance?
  First off, we love the enthusiasm. But we have some great news... Now that you're part of The Alliance, you don't have to spend a lot of time worrying about boring things like history. We are forward thinking, and we're excited about helping you grow with us!
Why does my planet have a number now?
  Great question! In order to keep track of planets, and ensure our internal communications are as efficient as possible, we have a process for the Categorisation of Peacekeeper Planet Types. This is also where your new User ID comes from.
Wait, What's a User ID and why do I have one?
  User IDs are what we use to keep track of everyone within The Territories. It is assigned to you, keeps track of your Paks (your new currency) and allows you to log in to any data points. It's also what you'll be able to use to hear the latest from our Truthseekers and other important updates.
I keep hearing about Truthseekers, What are they?
  The question should be who are they. Truthseekers work for the P'Ache Prime Media Outlets, and travel across The Territories, seeking out information and news so that they can share it with everyone. They are always on the hunt for truth and are the best source of daily information.

Please note that all interactions with this and all future communications provided by The Peacekeeper Alliance, or received by or sent from anyone within The Peacekeeper Territories, may be tracked and recorded for training and security reasons.


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