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Grand Beacon Enclave

All that seek salvation shall find it amongst those that embrace the purifying light of the Great Beacon and its all-encompassing wisdom. - Beacon Purifier
  The Order of the Shining Beacon is found in many places across the Radiarchy of Ondelenia. Yet, none are more prevalent than its seat of power, the Grand Beacon Enclave, where all of its assignments come from, and all obey the will of its leadership that resides there. @eternal

Purpose / Function

Grand Beacon is the headquarters of the order and its operations across Ondelenia. It also acts as a place of worship for all things around the Great Beacon. Often, followers and converts arrive daily, as well as initiates who come to join them in their priesthood. It has also been said that their central laboratory and workshop are where they create their advanced Glintlight technology and experiment on whatever else they seek to work on here. Much of their secrets are stored here to keep prying eyes away from them to ensure that no one spies on what they are doing.


When it was found, much of the old building had been stripped clean, with only a few remnants of a church remaining. Now it is filled with all sorts of things from religious architecture revolving around the Great Beacon, mainly being in the shape of start filled with Radiance. Machinery and pipes are found all over it to power their laboratories and workshops to produce whatever technology they are producing.


Much of the building's design comes from old Ondelenian that has long been an outdated temple design that involves tall spires and pillars surrounding domes to make it stand out more. Of course, new expansions were added to it later on, with more metal sticking out of it to patch up holes and meet the needs of the machines used.


Vigil Warders : Across the entire building, Vigil Warder have been set up to protect it from all things Gloom related to avoid any possible break-ins.   Reinforced Doors: All doors that enter the enclave are much thinker should anyone try and break into it with special locks designed to clamp onto the stone that surrounds it to make them immovable.


Arrival of the Beacon

  When the preaching of the Great Beacon began to spread across Ondelenia, those few who were willing to listen to it began to establish themselves and organize in their respective regions, however, its leadership chose to demonstrate its powerbase in none other than the very heart of the Radiarchy itself, Redoni, the capital of the Radiarch. Here, they find an old temple that had long since been abandoned over the years and rebuild it from the ground up. From that point, they would plan and expand their faith around the city so that everyone would listen to them. Their founder Emeran Vertugo, who acts as the Emissary of the Beacon managed to convince several members of Congregation of the Eternal Spark to allow this to happen and faced no opposition from that moment on. They continued to build and expand it to suit their every need to prepare to deliver the salvation that was promised to them.  

Temple of Fanatics

  To step into the Grand Beacon is to go into it at their own risk when entering the enclave, as its purpose is plain and simple: for all to worship and dedicate themselves to the Great Beacon. There are no other obligations that can be found here other than that, and anyone with different goals in mind will often find it difficult to leave this place should it be discovered. Anyone of another faith or teaching cannot enter the enclave unless permitted, with all trespassers being punished accordingly. To most outsiders, this place is entirely foreign. Its residents are outright insane in most cases due to the extremes they are willing to go to for their faith around purity, along with the strange things that go on in it when conducting their ceremonies and who knows what else may be going on with the people willing to follow them. All that can be determined is that their idea about salvation may not be what people may be hoping for if they succeed in achieving it.


Many people come here as believers or seek help where no one else can, resulting in hundreds of people being found here daily. To the average visitor, they will often remain in their main chapel, where they will worship for long periods and seek guidance from its Purifiers. For more severe cases, such as those suffering Gloomification or emotional issues, they will be taken to a laboratory where they will be cleansed of their affliction or put through Calming should the rumors about it to be true.
Founding Date
16 A.D
Alternative Names
Temple / Religious complex
Owning Organization

Troubling Rumors

by Jester%
I keep telling you that something isn't right about that place; even those so-called priests look more mechanical than holy men seeking to save the souls of the faithful. - Suspicious Guard
  Since the order moved into the enclave, many rumors have existed about what transpired within its walls. Much of it is not pleasant to those who do not meet the standards they demand from those who follow the Great Beacon. Many have sought to find out the truth, but none have been seen again, leaving only more questions about the real purpose behind their faith. As more and more people continue to join their ranks, it may eventually come to light what they are genuinely planning if someone were to accidentally come across it for people to see.


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