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Let us give thanks to the gift of Radiance that is bestowed to protect us from all that would be seen consumed by the never-ending darkness. - Illumine Priest


Gift of the Dawn

Radiance is a power said to come from the first dawn known as the Radiant Dawn during the creation of the world. Unlike natural light created by most sources, Radiance is considered the purest form as it can bring harm to the forces of The Gloom. It is often seen as light with three distinct colors, orange, blue, and white, but all that are near it make those around it know warmth and comfort.  


  Orange: The most common type of Radiance found in the world and can be found in many materials and can be seen dancing through the sky during a Radiance Burst. It is commonly used as an energy source to power machinery and by Brights to create weapons and cast Glamour spells.   Blue: Blue is often harder to find as it is often more vital due to being more concentrated, usually the result of orange Radiance merging from sharing space for a long time. It is often used more to power Barrier Engines and to conduct much more powerful Glamour spells by more skilled Brights.   White: The rarest form of Radiance one can find and the most sought after to the feats that can be achieved with it. It is only found in places that are pure from corruption and bring only peace to all things that dwell in them and can be created By Radiants if they achieve a state of purity that cleanses them of all corruption that is controlled by The Gloom.


In Nature

  Radiance can be found in several distinct places worldwide as it is often infused into different materials drawn to it. These materials are Lux Stones, Brightwood, and Glow Most. But it mainly wanders as if it were a free spirit and goes where it once was until it is caught by something. But it will often be found in places that are pure from the corruption of The Gloom, along with following those with pure hearts as they are often the brightest lights in the world.  


  The Dawn Sparked are more commonly known as Brights, are individuals that born with the ability to use Radiance at their command and use it in combat when fighting the Darkens or Gloomlings. However, its power is only limited by Bright's connection to it, as it will reject them if they begin to fall under the influence of The Gloom. But the greatest of these individuals are the Radiants, often the purest and the rarest of them. Those who become that can create their Radiance and have the power to repel almost all influence the Gloom can spread across the land they dwell in.

Banishing the Dark

Radiance is the main defense it facing The Gloom and its minions as its power is strong enough to combat them. Making one of the most valuable resources in the world and it is highly sought after because of it. Along with other distinct abilities that make it even more important to have such as detecting corruption within an individual or finding those that are Brights that have yet to develop their power. It is even possible to transfer it into weapons and machines are well to better ensure that combating the dark is much easier.  

Never Ending Source

While it may seem impossible to say that Radiance is eternal it seems to be true as even are it is used up what light that has been used up shall return in time as it is a part of life itself and will continue to return as long there is life. This is a good thing as it seems that even the playing field against the eternal foe that is The Gloom that will do anything to extinguish the light.

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