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Dawn Sparked

Most wonder if the Spark has abandoned us to a dark fate, yet as long as those born with its light still exist in this world, we will always know its warmth. - Healer Aeran Volance


No one is sure what causes one to become a Bright. Many have speculated on the purity of oneself or ancient bloodlines dating back to the dawning of the world, but there is no actual proof as even those born from Dawn Sparked parents have been able to inherit their power, making all the more mysterious to the cause of it.


Their affinity with light is profound, allowing them to sculpt dazzling constructs and conjure ethereal beams that bend to their will. They weave patterns of incandescent beauty, shaping iridescent sculptures that rival the spark's magnificence. At the touch of their fingertips, rays of sunlight cascade in mesmerizing arrays, cascading like liquid gold or shimmering like a myriad of diamonds suspended in the air. These Brights are guardians of illumination, harnessing their unique gift to bring radiance and warmth to the world. Whether casting protective shields of light or painting the sky with vibrant spectrums, their connection to the light serves as a catalyst, igniting their abilities and evoking a celestial splendor that mirrors the dawn's captivating beauty.


Power Loss: It is not uncommon for Brights to lose their power to control Radiance when they become older, as their bodies can no longer handle the strain of using it. This tends to happen to those who reach their elderly years and physical condition.

Affected Groups

Emberans and Wyldkin can become brights regardless of race or gender, and most will be able to manifest their powers at a young age when they can fully understand what they are doing and control them.


Gift of the Spark

  As the light’s golden rays first breach the horizon of the Radiant Dawn, a magnificent spectacle unfolds, awakening an extraordinary lineage born with the innate ability to wield light. These chosen few, blessed with the power to manipulate and command the essence of illumination, find themselves empowered at the light's very embrace. They are custodians of radiance, entwined with the celestial dance between day and night. These gifted individuals find themselves enveloped in a tapestry of hues, a canvas painted with the colors of the awakening sky. With a mere gesture, they conjure shimmering ribbons of light that weave through the air, dancing in harmony with any light. They draw energy from the Radiance around them, channeling its brilliance into manifestations of gleaming luminosity.
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It is this gift that often makes them stand out from the rest of the native inhabitants that live on Embera. They are often considered revered due to their gifts. They are greatly respected because of this and were made a part of religious, political, and military matters throughout history in much of the civilized world. Even today, they are still found across the land and have found themselves in every part of society. Yet, it has always made them a target as well. The forces of the Gloom often seek to snuff out the light they create to strengthen the darkness in the world, making them highly coveted and protected to ensure that they can be properly trained and used to protect their lands from the dark forces that seek to destroy all. Making it all the more important to have them in a world that is threatened to be consumed by the endless void at any chance it gets.

Cultural Reception

Those who are born with the spark's gift are greatly revered as protectors and healers who have been chosen to defend the world from The Gloom. Often being given training to become warriors, healers, and leaders to guide the people toward the light that has been bestowed onto them. It is often necessary for them to do so as they are far to important to be ignored as a resource in protect their lands.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

Bright Ranking

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  While many might consider Brights to be strong and able to use their power with Radiance, it is much more complex. All of Dawn Sparked do not share the same power and skill as one might expect. Often, having to be categorized to determine their limits and skills using Radiance ensures they can be used most effectively in the field.   Glimmer: The most common type of Bright in the world, they are often capable of using rudimentary forms of Radiance for uses in healing and combat, often used as support.   Vesper: A more form of Bright that can harness more power from Radicane, using abilities that are much more difficult to use, making them more capable in serious situations.   Aura: One of the more powerful Brights to exist, these rare users can often use Radiance in ways not possible by less skilled users, often surrounding themselves with a barrier to protect themselves and others to ensure no harm comes to them.   Radiant : Being one of the rarest and most important Bright to exist due to them being a living conduit for Radiacne to making all dark having difficulty reaching them and spreading it around the area around them to make it more efficient against the powers of the Gloom.

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