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In all the places that are wyld and free, you will find the kin of the birds and the beasts that walk on two feet that think and speak like you and me. - Nursery Rhyme
  While many creatures live across Embera, very few rival the Emberans; the wyldkin are the few that can. Born from the essences of the living world known as the Primordial, these sentient animals roam the continent's wilderness as keepers and protectors of all things wild. Ensuring that they never see destruction from any force that seeks to ruin them.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Bestial Biology: All Wyldkin retain animal appearances that allow them to retain specific traits and attributes to achieve feats that Emberans cannot, such as being fast, quiet, and fly, amongst many more.   Heightened Senses: Due to their animal side, all Wyldkin can retain higher senses that allow them to have a better understanding of their surroundings, being able to know when danger is near and what is around them, making it difficult to catch them off guard.   Gloom Resistance: Being part animal has made Wyldkin more tolerable against the corruption of the Gloom as they mainly attuned with their instincts lacking any ill will when emotional.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wyldkin are found all across Embera, living in the warmest to harshest of environments. As well as the highest peaks and lowest reaches of the world.

Average Intelligence

All Wyldkin are capable of speaking and sentient behavior, yet often retain animalistic behavior from their animal side.

Civilization and Culture


Chosen Protectors

  No one is certain when the first Wyldkin can come into being on Embera, but most people agree that they first appeared at the end of the Dawn age and somewhere during the time of the Age of Shadows. However, few understand why this happened in the first place, only that they miraculously appeared quickly. The only ones that seem to know truly are the Wyldkin themselves, stating that they are the creation of the embodiment of the earth itself, the Primordial. What the Primordial is to is a bit complex, with the closest understanding itself being that it is the living essence that springs life to the world. It originally was dormant since the time of the Radiant Dawn, as the world was at peace during the Dawn Age, when the taint of The Gloom gain power in it, this resulted in it emerging from its slumber as it felt the suffering of the natural being twisted and corrupted. This did not subside either as the Emberans did not stop its spread, which began to cause it to slowly become weaker over time and gradually begin to lose its lifeforce.   At this point, the Primordial knew that it had to take matters into its own hands and use its power to bring forth a new race to ensure that nature would be snuffed out, the Wyldkin. In their first moments of existence, they could hear the pleas of the Primordial and answered them by fighting back against the Gloomspawn and Shadow Dominion and gradual pushed them back, by open natural Radiance reserves under the earth to deter them from entering their lands. This would lead to continual conflict between them for several centuries until the dominion was destroyed and allowed them to live peacefully in their homelands. Yet they continue to protect the natural world from harm from anything that threatens it.  

Keeper of the Wilds

  For several millennia the Wyldkin maintained their of preserving the wylds from all dangers that may show it ugly head to them. Often staying in these wyld places to ensure that nothing would try to harm it with then watching over it. This would change overtime however as many would leave theses place becoming migratory and living amongst the Emberans in peace as the preservation of the wylds were more respected. While many still live in the wilderness, they often love peaceful lives and surviving using their instincts without the need of any form of technology. Though they have never forgotten their purpose and maintain a continuous watch whenever they are needed.   Most areas that have Wyldkin in them will lack any sort of infrastructure or removal of any part of the environmental around them. Often using natural parts of the environment to build their homes and only using what they need to survive. Though some have been forced to adapt to the changes that occur now and then from forced relocation from conflicts with the Gloom and its minions, along with natural disasters that cause habitats destruction. But for the most part they do pretty well for themselves and will help others when they need to were it to guide for lost travelers or hunt to make money for certain supplies. All of it being for the greater good of their homes and preservation of nature.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Wyldkin and Emberans have learned to coexist with one another, but they have been at odds with one another due to their development of settlements and infrastructure into wild places.

Many Breeds

All born of the wylds come from many different cloths, but all are connected by it not matter their difference. - Ebben Proudfoot
  All Wyldkin come in different shape and forms with all of them have their talents. None of them are the same are they take the shapes of birds and beasts roaming the land as they please. Why this so is uncertain, but it has allowed them to be able to make their homes in most environments, yet limits them as they are unable to adapt as well. Yet can still excel in their own environment without any problems, even having different variants to live in such biomes.

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