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Wayfarer’s Union

There are places in this world that the Radiarchies nor the orders are able to tread or have the time to do so, that is why we are the ones that do so. Wayfarer. - Roth Jorgen


Waykeeper: often being the oldest and most experienced of the Wayfarers, the Waykeeper main task is maintain the group they have been put in charge of to ensure that is protected and it values are to perverted. They are also in charge of their finances and job assignments for its members.   Waywatcher: Veterans with many years of experience on them, they are the most common of the Wayfarers, traveling alone or in groups to defend the innocent. They also are teachers to Wayfinders often taking one or several at a time to teach.   Wayfinder: Being fledging members from different backgrounds, Wayfinders are placed under a Waywatcher to teach and train them in their ways before they are given assignments of their own.


Social Dynamics

  While many of the protectors of the land often wait for any sign of danger to reel its ugly head, we are the ones who often strike at it first before it can even get the chance. We all know the dangers of doing this, but it is for the greater good; to do that, we must wander the places that few people visit. It may be a lonely and thankless job, but we can’t stand idle as people suffer and cannot help themselves from the dangers beyond their homes. We never let others decide when we have to act, as while leaders and officers argue and debate on the next course of action, people are suffering and dying from their inaction. That is why we charge in and ensure that never happens, all in the name of peace. It is the very reason we wander the world, seeking out the threats that can be found and defeated. As long as some seek to do harm from beyond the reach of the powerful, we will never be able to hide for long as we pursue them to the ends of the earth.  


  The Radiarchies have recognized the union for its work and for finding and eliminating the unknown dangers that can be found in the isolated and forgotten places of the world. They often allow their members to travel and combat these threats as long as they follow the laws and jurisdictions in the assigned regions. However, some find this more as meddling and causing trouble more than doing actual good. It is often referred to as kicking a hornet's nest by stirring these dangers and having them clean up after them should they fail in their mission. However, the people love them, especially those who do not feel protected by their governments due to their isolation or economic state. Whenever they are attacked, it takes time for a response of aid to come to them, resulting in destruction and death by the time they arrive. But with the wayfarers they can be relied upon to help out those in need without a moment's notice as to who they are or where they are from; they will just be on the way to save the day,

Public Agenda

To protect the people of the world from the place that few dare to tread to.


Havens: Secure locations scattreed about the world to give protect and respite for Wayfarers I need of it.   Informants: A series of individuals that hold information to reveal threats and their location to bettter ascertain the situation.


Doing What’s Right

  In the time of the Sundering, much chaos came from the destruction that it caused, leading the Radiarchies within its destruction radius to scramble to access the damage caused by it. While most of the lands with its reach were sunk into the sea, the shacking of the earth led to infrastructure being damaged or destroyed, with lives lost. With the scope of the damage being severe in many places, some regions were given more aid than others, while some had to wait and fend for themselves until it finally arrived. What was worse was the panic and damage caused by awakened large amounts of Gloomspawn that began to cause terror across the land, with those on their own being mainly at their mercy which they had no off. What was worse was that many fell into desperation and became Badlanders, stealing resources where they could, yet in this dark moment, a new band of heroes would emerge to aid the weak and drive back this terror.   They were called the Wayfarers, men and women from across these troubled lands and beyond to lend a helping hand to those that were suffering from this disaster. While some of them were just your average people, other were warriors, healers and adventurers that sought to do some good by helping out where they could. Often going to places that most others would not and protect the people’s that lived there. Often fighting anything that sought to do harm to them and thoses they defended. Soon enough this like minded individuals meet one another and began to organize and teaching one another their knowledge in the ways for combat, survival and building to better aid those in distress. By the time of the reconstruction efforts from the Sundering were finished, the Wayfarers Union was formed with it members sworn to defend the weak and forgotten from all that preyed on them.  

Defenders of Faraway Places

  Thoses that are members of the union are rarely seen in the common places that are often safe and protected by the greater powers of the world. For they travel the road that are often less travel as they go from place to place to where they are need the most. It is here they found in the wyld and untamed places that only the hardy decide to live in. It is because of this that they are more vulnerable to the things that live out their the most often not be able to defend themselves from lack of resources and numbers, often being the first to perish were danger finally come for them. It is here that they will make their stand against their foes becoming the shield the bears all harm to the powerless.   They are found all across the continent often working in small groups or alone if they have to as they listen to rumors and tales of the dangers that are found in these places to seek them out. Most will often come up with nothing, but there will be true from time to time. But those smart enough will trust reliable source of information. It is from here they will either teach those in danger how to defend es or set out to fight with those willing to fight along side them. They are willing to give there lives if they have to if it means the preservation of others if they have to.

On The Way

Founding Date
651 B.D
Military Order
Alternative Names
Valiant Wanderers
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Honorable Sentinels

There is no glory or riches with this duty, it is all for the people. -Wayfarer Sentinel
  The Wayfarers have a long history of doing good without the need of payment for their service. Much what they have is often taken from fallen foes, donated or even payed for by them from jobs that they take when not on duty. Their job is often one with little to gain as most of the people they help are not consider wealthy at all, often aiding for free say for some supplies if they need it. Making them very selfless individuals to live such a dangerous life to protect other at the expense of themselves.  

Scattered Around

You have to know your way around to find us, we tend to keep our tracks covered for a reason. - Wayfarer Siv
  The things about the Wayfarers in all of their existence they have never been known for their organization. It mainly comes from the fact they never stay in one place at a time and they often have a target on their heads by those they fight against. It ends up being a game on cat and mouse at times and without any real financial backing they often stay on the move to stay alive. The only places that they consider safe are small havens hidden in the unlikely of places. Resulting in the Wayfarers being placed into small groups to avoid detection across the world with little to no contact with one another unless needed.


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