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Gloomspawn comes in many shapes and sizes, but each differs from the emotion and thought that turned a person into and granted power over what enslaved them before they fell. - Sheildmen Kerbon
  The Gloomspawn are the curse of the Gloom that it inflicts on all living things to turn them to his will by transforming them into monstrous creatures. It was said that during the early day of the world, it corrupted the nature of all things, and the races of the world were the most influenced by it, resulting in them turning into monsters that would be enslaved by their dark nature to serve it. They have existed and continue to torment the world with their folly. What once was the person is now replaced with some dark and wicked instead. Many seek to destroy these creatures before they begin to claim the lives of others. But some still seek to return to their former selves as it is not impossible, yet it is hard to achieve as they are clouded by the emotion or thought that turned them into the creature they are in the first place.

Basic Information


The forms of Gloomspawn will significantly vary on how they will be able to interact with the world around them. Some take humanoid forms, while others are more animal-like. Their bodies are created by the tormented mind that was consumed by them in order to infect others. But all share a common trait: the dark sludge they are made out of keeps them together.

Biological Traits

Gloomspawn is divided into two categories that tell them apart after a person falls to The Gloom's power, often called Gloomification. These two groups are called Gloomlings, created through negative emotions, and Darken, created through negative thoughts.   Gloomling: Gloomlings are produced from negative emotions like fear, sadness, and anger. These creatures will take shape based on that emotion and gain power over the emotion that has enslaved them, granting them power. Often acting more like wild animals that lack any intelligence besides the emotion they feel.   Darken: Darken are more sinister as they come from negative or dark thoughts, such as trauma and hatred. Their powers will often be psychological as they torment the minds of others and influence them from afar. They are far more intelligent and will do whatever they do to harm others through any means they were created.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gloomspawn are created through a process known as Gloomification, a power of dark influence that comes from The Gloom itself by preying upon the negative emotions and thoughts of people and turn them into Gloomspawn with them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once Gloomification is completed, a Gloomspawn will slowly change the more it corrupts others or kill them, becoming more powerful with time until they reach the rank of Elder being the most dangerous of all Gloomspawn.

Ecology and Habitats

Gloomspawn, due to their dark biology, are unaffected by the environment around them as they are unaffected by the elements and can be found anywhere. But they often try to avoid places where Radiance can be found and are not fond of sunlight either, as it can weaken or kill them if it is strong enough.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While not needing to eat to sustain themselves, Gloomspawn are naturally drawn to snuff out the light of any being around them by either killing them or turning them into one of them by infecting them with Gloomification.

Biological Cycle

Gloomspawn will often be active when not affected by Radiance or strong lights found in their areas. They will often seek out a dark place to stay in so they do not harm them. Those stuck in a place without anything to hunt will often go into a hibernating state until something awakens them to become active again. It does not matter how much time passes for them as they remain unaffected by the passable of time and will continue their hunt to satisfy their desire to consume all.


Gloomspawn is often passive with others of their kind, have no fundamental interactions with one another, and often act on their desire to consume anything that is not their own. However, weaker Gloomspawn will often be subservient to stronger ones, along with those imbued with the Gloom's power to serve it of their own free will.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most Gloomspawn act independently from one another, often looking to hunt on their own, but have been known to work alongside others of their species or in hordes when drawn to potential prey.


While often acting on their instincts, those of higher intelligence that have surrendered themselves willingly to the Gloom can often have control over them to further dark agendas. This can be done with an item that lets them communicate with them or a mind that can link with them to give orders. Making them subservient to whoever controls them without any means of fighting back against them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gloomspawn can be found just about anywhere, as they are not affected by the many environments in the world and can thrive in any of them.

Average Intelligence

Most Gloomspawn act on basic instincts derived from the way they were created and will act on them to consume all things that come in contact with it. How well they can process information and even plan depends on the thought or emotion they are created from. Meaning that depending on the types that exist, some will be incredibly dumb, unable to process the simplest of ideas, and those able to plan and stalk their prey in waiting for the right moment to strike.
Genetic Descendants
The Gloom

Dark Servants

by Midjourney
All the are created from the Gloom are considered wicked and cruel by design, and what better create them from than the very beings that it seeks to consume to destroy us - Dawn Scholar
  Gloomspawn are the byproduct of The Gloom itself, being created from the darkness within the hearts of all living things. Once created, they will seek out and destroy or corrupt any living thing they encounter. They are diverse as they are terrifying, taking on the negative thoughts and emotions that create that allow them to gain certain traits and abilities. Yet their minds lack any sense of reason and understanding of the things around them; their only instinct is to consume everything in their path.    

Undefeatable Foe

by Midjourney
To rid the world of the Gloomspawn is like trying to stop a tree from shedding its leaves. It cannot be done; all that can be done is to drive it back as many times as possible - Tranquil Warrior
  One of the greatest threats the world has ever seen, Gloomspawn can be found everywhere, and rightly so, as they are often endless in their numbers. Many have tried to eradicate them, but the real problem is that they are created by the very people seeking to get rid of them. The darkness within them cannot be destroyed no matter how hard one can withstand its sway and the corruption that will seek to consume all. All that can be done is to endure the tide when it comes and rebuild only to prepare for the next one that is to come.


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