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We all know the stories that are told of Gloomlings, but none of them compare to seeing one in person, it doesn't matter what type it is, it just makes you feel wrong just by looking at it. - Gloom Hunter
  The Gloom seeks to devour all things into its influence, doing whatever it takes to do so. Gloomlings are one of its many tools to do so to spread its corruption across the world. Born from the negative emotions of living things, they travel across the land leaving only corruption and ruin as they seek to satisfy their desire to consume all in their path.

Basic Information


Gloomling biology is highly diverse due to them taking many forms depending on what emotion they were created from. But most will take a humanoid form often a set of arms and legs. Several other types will take lesser humanoid forms with some taking animal forms or bizarre types. But all have in common a lack of bones and organs being made of black sludge or dark substance.

Biological Traits

Diverse Biology : Due to the nature of how a Gloomiling is created, they are more than several dozen types of Glooming that exist across the world, all of this is possible due to the negative emotions that aid in their creation and making them more lethal to deal with due to this.   Durable: Gloomings are very hard to defeat through normal means as they are unaffected or take little harm by most physical damage. Allowing them to survive even the most lethal of blows that can easily kill others. While it is possible to destroy them this way it will take more effort to do so.   Corruption of The Gloom: Being born from the influence of the Gloom, Gloomlings are capable of corrupting other living things around them by either slowly killing them or turning them into one of them. Once the corruption spreads it takes a large amount of effort to get rid of it.   Radiance Fragility: All Gloomlings are weak against light, but Radiance is far more capable of destroying them, Along with keeping away from areas that are surrounded by it. Weapons and items infused with it have a much better time dealing with them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gloomlings are unable to reproduce and are created from a process known as Gloomification, a dangerous condition that is caused by a person being held down by negative emotions that slowly turn them in a Gloomling. There are different types of Gloomling based on the emotion that created them with different forms and abilities that make them stand out from one another. They can also spread their corruption through injury to all the Gloomification to take a hold of them and turn them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Gloomlings have different states when they are created that determine how powerful and dangerous they are often being dived into three age groups, Fledgling, Adept, and Elder.   Fledgling: Newly created types of Gloomlings that have yet to fully develop and are the most common type to exist. They have yet to fully mature their abilities being able to use them for short amounts of time and often follow older Gloomlings.   Adept: Fully mature Gloomlings that are more dangerous and lethal, often being able to think more clearly and plan when they need to. Their powers are strong enough to cause serious damage to anything caught in their effect and last longer   Elder: The oldest and most powerful of their kind, being able to control hordes of lesser Gloomlings and coordinate with them for more effect. The powers of an Elder are refined and are difficult to bring down for even a skilled warrior.

Ecology and Habitats

Gloomling is like dark places away from strong light sources and will linger or travel to destroy or corrupt other living things. Often poisoning the land with its foul influence.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gloomling do not require to eat to sustain themselves, but will hunt other living things based on their abilities depending on what type they are in order to kill or corrupt them.

Biological Cycle

Gloomlings will often remain active in the area to hunt and consume all other living things until there is nothing within reach. When this happens they will go into a hibernating state until something awakens them. They will often seek out dark places to find safety in to avoid light and Radiance to avoid being harmed by them.


Gloomlings often do not both interact with others of their kind and will only do so by hunting other beings not like it. Often being found in small or large groups when in an area to hunt. But have been known to fight eachother to maintain dominace over one another. All other beings besides their own kind are always hostile to it.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gloomlings are able to adapt to any environment and are seen all throughout Embera across its many lands.

Average Intelligence

Gloomlings lack a degree of intelligence and act on baser instincts and the negative emotion that they were created from. But all have a common desire every living thing that is not one of them it to be destroyed or corrupted by them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most Gloomling are capable of hearing and sight, but some are capable of more unusual perception skills such as sensing the presence of others or even entering the minds of others.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, White, Grey

Consumed by Flaws

by Midjourney
Sorrow, Anger, and Fear are one of the many emotions that make us fall into the dark, and those that stray too deep into it will forever be consumed by it as it slowly consitrict their will unable to move from it grasp once it gain hold of them. - Healer
  There is a reason that emotions cause the dark transformation into Gloomspawn, for it is the flaw of all living creatures to surecome to emoton and fall into the dark. It is because the Gloom was able to spread itd dark influence into the beginning of the world. For it saw flaws in the beings that came from its creation and sought to exploit them. That is why the the will never fade from the world for dark shall always remain in them as long as they hold on to their nature they will never be safe.  

Hordes of Many

by Midjourney
You always know that when you see one of them, more are bound to come around, its like fighting a swarm of locust, they are never ending. - Soldier
  Gloomlings are never seen alone, for they stay together in groups to overwhelm all in their path. Smaller groups of them are manageable to defeat, but when a horde is formed it often takes armies to destroy them. Like a long and never ending tide they can be seen on the move with very few things to stop them as they are lead by more powerful Gloomlings or those capable of controlling them. Recking havoc on all in their path the land around them dies and all on it are killed or consumed.

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