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Not all evils can be seen clearly; they come from the shadows where no one least expects them. - Paladin Micos Ren
  When dealing with The Gloom, one should never expect it to always be confrontational out in the open. For darkness always makes itself open to all around it, never to be noticed that something is wrong, so it may move freely to influence those that enter its domain. That is the purpose of the Darken, a Gloomspawn that works in the shadows, influencing the minds of all beings to twist and corrupt them to further their master's goals to cause chaos and corruption from within as the world tears itself without realizing it.

Basic Information


Darken biology is highly diverse because they take many forms depending on what thought they were created from. But most will take a humanoid form, often a set of arms and legs. Several other types will handle lesser humanoid forms, with some taking ghost-like or shadowy types. But all have in common a lack of bones and organs being made of a whispy or smog-like substance.   Manipulate: Darkens that have the powers of suggestion and confusion to get into their heads to do their bidding. They will often be near their targets at a close range so that they continually apply their powers to control them.   Torment: Preferring more aggressive methods, Darken such as these will often apply more force into their targets to turn them into their pawns. Those under their power often have certain thoughts amplified to the point of obsession to satisfy, with some becoming more aggressive or even mad to satisfy them.   Possession: Often taking a direct and risky approach, Darken such as these will openly possess the body or enter the mind of their target to gain more control over them to see that their assignments run more smoothly. When in control, they can gain access to their memories or even act like them to move around more freely with out arousing suspicion.

Biological Traits

Diverse Biology: Due to the nature of how a Darken is created, there are more than several dozen types of Darken that exist across the world; all of this is possible due to the negative thoughts that aid in their creation and make them more lethal to deal with due to this.   Spectral: Darkens are never seen out in the open unless they wish to be, often hidden in the shadows that bore them. They are capable of being invisible, blending into their environment, or going through solid objects, waiting for their moment to act; it also makes it impossible to be hit by most physical objects unless enhanced in some way.   Taint of The Gloom: Being born from the influence of the Gloom, Darkens are capable of corrupting other living things around them by either slowly influencing them over an amount of time or mentally manipulating into one of them or a Gloomling. Once the taint spreads, it takes much effort to get rid of it. Darken rarely infect people with their Grim Ichor unless they have to.   Radiance Fragility: All Darkens are weak against light, even causing them to become solid, but Radiance is far more capable of destroying them and keeping away from areas that they surround. Weapons and items infused with it have a much better time dealing with them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Darkens cannot reproduce and are created from a process known as Gloomification. This dangerous condition is caused by a person being held down by negative or dark thoughts that slowly turn them into a Darken. There are different types of Darken based on the thought that created them with various forms and abilities that make them stand out. They can also spread their corruption through injury to all the Gloomification to take hold of them and turn them.

Growth Rate & Stages

Darkens have different states when they are created that determine how powerful and dangerous they are, often being divided into three age groups: Wisp, Shadow, and Hollow.   Wisp: Newly created types of Darkens are often much easier to spot and are the most common type to exist. They can only manipulate people briefly and are often alone or work in groups.   Shadow: Fully mature Darkens that are more intelligent and cunning, as they can be much harder to find. They often stay closer to people they influence to have them do their bidding for longer periods of time. Their power being able to control a person or a few and having a firm grip on them to maintain control.   Hollow: The Darkest and most sinister by age, they control younger Darken to create networks of control large numbers of people. A Hollow's power over the mind is a terror to behold as they can easily take control of even the strongest of wills to twist and taint for their purposes.

Ecology and Habitats

Darken prefer the dark places away from strong light sources and will often travel through them or at night to do their wick work where the light will not interfere.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Darken are able to adapt to any environment and are seen all throughout Embera across its many lands.

Average Intelligence

Darken are as intelligent as they are cunning and are even able to to speak unlike their Gloomling cousins. They often choose their target carefully and when to strike on those that they manipulate.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most Darken are capable of hearing and sight, but some are capable of disturbing mental skills, such as reading thoughts and manipulating them for their own purposes.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black, grey, white

Darkest of Desires

by midjourney
Emotions are not the only thing that twists all things into the darkness, for even thoughts can sink one deeper into it should they be of ill intentions - Sage of Solace
  Many people have always considered the Gloom has sway over all emotions that lead them to corruption, yet they often forget that even their thoughts can become their worst enemy. Unlike emotions being natural to all, thoughts are not as pure as they seem, as they can easily lead down a dark path that often may be intentional. Through them, a person can easily turn on others so that their desires can be fulfilled no matter the cost that comes with it.  

Agents of Shadow

by midjourney
We all know that the Gloom seeks to destroy us; even within our ranks, we are vulnerable to danger should our very own become corrupted and turn on us. - Paladin Captain
  All Darken are often found in places that people least expect them; from the smallest of hamlets to the largest of cities, they torment others by twisting their thoughts. Turning even the kindest of souls into the cruelest of puppets that they pull their strings to play their little games. Some they use to simply corrupt to create chaos amongst the populous, and the smarter ones use them to influence society to weaken it. Allowing their master's power to grow with each move they play to gain the best outcome that can ensure that their powers grow with every mind manipulated by them.


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