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We need to fortify this position before that monstrosity gets here, these walls cannot withstand the unbridled rage that beast contains. - Watcher Guardsmen
  Born from the anger found inside all creatures, the Ravager is a force to be reconnected due to its size and strength that can cause massive destruction in its wake. Resulting in the need for large numbers and proper weaponry to bring them down.

Basic Information


Ravagers are of a hulking size that are able to switch from bipedal to quadruped at will, as well as having hands to grip things when needed. Unlike other Gloomlings, Ravagers bodies are not covered in as ooze like substance, rancher being more made of a solid shadow form with a degree of heat coming off its body as a red glow.

Biological Traits

Monstrous Strength : Due to their size, Ravagers can lift up most objects with their strength often being able to destroy things with ease.   Fire Affinity: One of the few Gloomling that can control an element, that being a fire that can be seen surrounding its body that often engulfs it in flame the angrier it gets and burns its surroundings.   Unrelenting Fury: Being born from anger, Ravagers are unable to calm down due to the rage created by them, making them highly destructive and can withstand large amounts of damage because of it.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ravagers are created from the dangerous disease known as Gloomification with its source being that of the negative emotion, anger. Turning anyone consumed into creatures of rage and destruction.

Growth Rate & Stages

Ravagers like all Gloomlings grow over time and often grow longer spikes and emit more heat as they get older as they become adapted and later elders, this often takes decades but can be decreased by the influence of The Gloom that surrounds it.

Ecology and Habitats

Ravagers often live in dark and corrupted places away from the light which usually makes them passive. However, should they make contact with anything that is not a Gloomspawn they will seek to destroy it and often destroy large amounts of area to do so.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gloomlings do not need to eat to survive, yet they hunt other living things as their dark urges tell them to do.

Biological Cycle

Like most Gloomspawn, they will often look for someplace dark to hide from the light, but will often become restless and try leaving their dwelling as soon as possible to destroy anything around them.


Ravagers are considered one of the most aggressive types of Gloomling to date and have been known to attack others of its kind if provoked. But it will stop at nothing to get rid of anything that isn't its kind and often is on the first Gloomspawn to be seen entering combat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most Ravagers will be seen under the command of a Glooming Elder and follow its orders, along with servants of the Gloom can also take control of them so long as they don't overstep their boundaries with them. However, they can often be difficult to control due to their unrelenting rage and be formed into submission. Those that reach the status of Elder will often use the Gloomlings under them to commit all-out aggressive assaults as they charge into battle with them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Can be found anywhere in the world.

Average Intelligence

Ravagers lack higher intelligence than others of their kind, yet they make up for it with their strength and ability to sense all living things surrounding them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Hearing : Average   Smell: Excellent   Sight: Average
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Strike Class Gloomling
Average Height
7 - 10 ft
Average Weight
400 - 600 pds
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black and red mix


Anyone knows that when you see a hulking monster coming your way you run as fast as you can before it can get you, especially one that trying to destroy everything in its path. - Villager
  While most Gloomlings are found in groups to conduct hunts and corruption in their path, Ravagers most often do not do this. Their aggressiveness often sees them rushing out and away from their kind the first chance they get. This leads to them creating a path of fire and death in their wake as they do not alter their path for anything that gets in their way with lives lost and settlements destroyed that are unfortunate to get in its path. This continues until they are destroyed by any forces that go to seek it out by following the destruction they left behind. However, this does not mean it will be an easy fight as it takes a great deal of effort to do so with lives most likely to be lost because of it.

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