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Radiarch Amerisia Nuvera

Radiarch Amerisia Nuvera (a.k.a. Mother Amerisia, The Caring)

Amerisia has always been there for her people in the darkest of times and it has never let become tired and cynical, she still finds the world beautiful and worth fighting for. - Consulor Ontores Delan

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Her age has begun to catch up with her as she has become old and frail making it harder for her to move around as she once did and more likely to get hurt should she get an injury

Special abilities

Radiant : The highest rank of a Bright, being capable of achieving extraordinary feats with using Radiance and are revered as a sacred figure by banishing all dark things in their presence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Forged Through Dark Times

  One of the oldest Radiarchs in the world, Amerisia Nuvera was one of the few people that lived in the times before the Duskfall that almost drove the world to certain ruin. But before all that, she was one of the few people born as a Radiant who just wanted to do good in the world. In those days, all was good with the world, and she was the only Minister in the city of Clamens, often helping the people as best as she could through faith and compassion. While she could have been given a higher rank due to her being a Radiant, she preferred to keep a watchful eye on the smaller places in the world rather than entirely. This was like this for her since joining the congression at eight years old, and she gained a deep understanding of the teachings of the Eternal Spark that involved the ideas of charity and justice to heart. These would be the better days of her life, helping the poor and ensuring the safety of the people under her care, only to see it shatter with the darkness that would ravage the world.   In the dead of night, she was awoken to the sound of screams and fire found across the city, as the Duskborn had infiltrated the city and allowed Gloomspawn to get past the defenses. While most sought to flee from the danger she ran towards in to defend her people from the danger and rallied what members of the Watcher Corps and Dawn Keepers she could to ensure that the city did not fall. A vicious battle ensued, and when the city finally rose, she and the remaining defenders managed to push back the forces of The Gloom. Yet it was far from over, as the dark forces brought terror across the land, and soon, the Dawn Keepers left to defend people from this threat while she remained behind to aid in the defense of the city and the surrounding regions. Only to discover that the danger was far greater than it was and had spread to the entirety of Ondelenia. Yet she would gather anyone to defend their homeland from this dark threat and hold against all that sought to bring ruin to them.   In this time of uncertainty, she would give refuge to the weak and the lost as best as she could in the circumstances. She would be fortunate to be where she was, as the Duskborn had been targeting all Radiants across the lands to weaken the Radiarchies' efforts to combat the Gloomspawn, and many were killed or captured in Ondelenia, forcing her to take charge and to what she could for people. In the months that followed the Duskfall, she gathered forces and capable leaders to retake settlements from the Gloom's forces during the Dark Time that followed and create a sanctuary for all to find safety and peace, imposing justice on all responsible for all suffering upon her people. When it finally came to an end, the people would see her rise to become the next Radiarch after the death of her predecessor, Tanes the Pious. She would now bring her people into a new era of uncertainty to ensure that peace and prosperity were restored to them.  

A Just Ruler

  In the decades that followed the Duskfall, Amerisia’s rule of Ondelenia was filled with many struggles in her early years as she guided her people in the reconstruction efforts. Along with bringing reforms to the land to better aid her people in this time of need, she would continue to do so as much as possible when she saw the need to. This made her greatly loved by the people of Ondelenia, and they continue to do so to this day, often referring to her as a mother figure due to her kindness. She would also aid in strengthening the faith by having the congregation have a more active role in society to improve their lives in these troubled times. Leading to many years of peace under a rule that has lasted more than fifty years. Built upon a legacy of understanding and kindness to all, she set out to ensure a better world for everyone in it.  
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  It has also allowed Ondelenia to be more connected to its neighbors than ever by seeking terms with them that benefit all with trade and cooperation to allow the world to heal from the old wounds that still linger in it. It would also be a time for new protectors to rise up with the Dawn Keepers no longer being able to with the Strengthening of the Watcher Corps to protect the people and better defense for settlements against Gloomspawn. She would also support the newly created Sheilds of the Sun to better protect the people in places where dark powers often remained hidden. For much of her rule, she would see to the needs of her subject personally and often travel around Redoni and the regions surrounding it when she had the time to hear the needs of what needs to be done for the good of the Radiarchy. When she could not, she would have had her best counselors and officials, all hand-picked by herself based on their skill and merit, to ensure they would never fall to greed and hubris. Ensuring that all would be well in Ondelenia and never fall into dangers that dragged it down in the past.  

In Trying Times

  But unlike all things, they must end, as recent events have caused great distress to the old Radiarch. The faith that she has held dear has become tainted and twisted by sects of the congregation that seek to further their agendas, spreading fear and hatred among the people who have grown desperate as of late. Most of them have had their influence cut in half due to her wisdom and dedication to preserving the peace and the safety of others. Yet the strength she once had is long gone as she is, but an old woman who can only do so much as the world around her begins to change once more into something darker than ever before as her homeland is now besieged by Badlanders terrorizing the countryside and bring destruction wherever they go, with all she can do is give orders and attempt to keep the peace as best she can to ensure that all of it is not unwoven before her time draws near to return to the light and know that all is well when the time finally arrives. Until that time comes, she will keep on fighting against all that she and her people suffer and remain a shining beacon of hope for all to find their way through the darkness that has begun to surround them.
Current Status
Council meeting
Current Location
Year of Birth
22 B.D 72 Years old
Long grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive Skin
182 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
There are many paths to rule over people, but the most successful one is often just listening to them and being willing to help whenever possible.
You can never force faith whenever you want; it will guide you when the time is right.
Compassion and mercy are never weaknesses; they are strengths that will change the minds of everyone around you.
Eternal Spark
Aligned Organization


  She seeks to bring a better world through compassion and understanding to make the future brighter. But to do that, faith must be the main pillar of this change, for all who find themselves lost in the dark may find their salvation in the warmth of the light that will see their path revealed to them when they need it the most.  


  She has learned all that she could from the teaching of the Eternal Spark and the light it has given to the world to combat the Gloom that seeks to consume all around them. Valuing compassion, charity, and humility above all, seeing them as the true virtues that will lead the world into another golden age.

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