It is the duty of all Radiants to stand by their people and become beacons of hope and peace so that none of them have to live their lives in fear for the rest of their lives knowing that there is a champion that can protect them against all that would do harm to them. - Radiant Rom


Bright Born: All Radiants are designated as Brights and are able to bend Radiance to their will to combat Gloomspawn and other agents of the Gloom.   Radiant Status: Brights with the highest control and power over Radiance are designated as Radiants with their powerful abilities and the only ones capable of achieving the status of Radiarch.


The Coronation of the New Dawn is a ceremony that determines if a Radiant is qualified to become a Radiarch if they pass the trials that come with the coronation than they shall be given the status Radiarch and receive the Cloak of Purity and Scepter of Guidance to legitimize their position once they make themselves known to the public.


Leadership: Radiarchs have the responsibility to rule over an entire Radiarchy and guide it through its rule to ensure that its people prosper under them.   Protection of the Realm: The main purpose of the Radiarch is to protect their people with their power and halt the influence of the Gloom from spreading across their lands.   Inspiring Unity: As a beacon of light, Radiarchs have the taste of keeping the people together to ensure that they do not become divided by differences and social issues that may tear them apart.


Governing: Going through day-to-day meetings on the welfare of the realm is one of the main duties of a Radiarch and that everything s done correctly and properly.   Maintain Barrier: Through the power of a Radiant, the barrier that is created through their citadel can cover much of their lands to keep the corruption of the Gloom and its Gloomspawn from running rampant.   Solving Problems: Radiarchs will often have to deal with issues that come from the populace as much as they can and see what they can do to resolve them as best they can.   Enforcing Order: Through the defense forces and laws with their lands, a Radiarch must ensure that they do not fall into chaos from internal and external forces that at play.


Luxury: Everything that they need to properly maintain themselves is given to them, as well as access to material and items that only the wealthiest of people can acquire.   Influence: A Radiarch can get the attention of anyone with their Radiarchy and other Radiarchs if required, as they are some of the most influential people in the world.   Radiance Abundance: If they need it, a Radairch can access large quantities of Radiation to maintain their power and amplify it if necessary.   Vast Knowledge: With their citadels, a vast library can be found to give any known knowledge that they need to know, from the well-known to the secretive.   Wise Council: Amongst the many people that serve them, advisors and sages give them counsel to help them better understand events around them and choose the best options to deal with them.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Cloak of Purity: The cloak is meant to signify the right to rule fo a Radiarch and all that see them wearing shall know it to be true. It can also allow the Radiance within the Radiant to glow, giving off majestic sight to behold for all to witness.   Scepter of Guidance: A scepter used as a symbol of legitimacy for all Radiants for when one holds them it will begin to glow as a Radiants power will flow through it as it is designed to only be powered by them as they are the only ones powerful enough to make it work.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Signs of Corruption: Even the greatest of light can fall into darkness abyss should they stray too close to it and to avoid a disaster from befalling the land, they must be removed from power and arrested to ensure that they do not cause any harm to others.   Loss of Power: In some cases, a Radiarch can lose their power from overusing them or special cases involving curses or lose their willpower in order to use it. Leaving them to be removed and the selection of a successor to begin as they aid in the search and aid in seeing if they are worthy are not.


Protectors of the World

  Since the fall of the monarchies that once rules over Embera, the Radiarchs have been the ruling over the continent for more than an millennia. Creating a long lasting peace where have been no wars and prosperity for people. All the while maintaining their safety through as the use their power to maintain the Spire Barriers in their citadels and halting much of the influence of the Gloom. There leadership has often ensure that their lands are maintained and their people protected as they deal with the many problems that may pop up during their reign.

Cultural Significance

Across Embera the Radiarchs are seen as protectors and the only leaders capable of ensuring the safety of the people from harm. As their intentions are for their benefit and that they can live their lives without being in constant fear is a blessing they very few can imagine being without them.
Religious, Special
1200 B.D
Form of Address
His/Her Radiance
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Source of Authority
Elective Council
Length of Term
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Chosen Rulers

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Only those who are deemed worthy can hold the title of ruler known as a Radiarch so that we may never fall into the failures of the monarchs that plunged the world into wickedness and corruption. - Consular Enuwe Carube
  When the Radiarchys were founded, an argument was given on who should led the lands of Embera under rule. With many many ideas coming up from councils to states, however, with the dangers of the Gloom seeming to ever linger as fail safe was in order to protect the continent from another age of darkness. It was a that point that the Radiants were chosen to rule do their strong connection to the light and their kind hearts that came with it. With them being so few in number however a selection had to be done to so how were the most qualified to rule and not through bloodlines any longer to ensure what was best for the continent. Since that time all Radiarchs have been elected to determine the prosperity of the Radiarchys and their peoples.

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