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Coronation of the New Dawn

It may seem trivial to do this to our future protector, but it is a test to see if they can ensure our lands are safe from all things dark. - Counselor Janis Turan
    The Coronation of the New Dawn is a ceremony to instate a new Radiant to take up the mantle of Radiarch and rule over the Radiarchy they have chosen to rule over. The ceremony is designed to prove their candidacy and dedication to the role.


Rite to Rule

  To ensure the safety of the land, a Radaint must always be seated to ensure that their light can reach across it to banish all that serve The Gloom. But first, one must be proven to be a Radiant and capable enough to take up the task, as to misidentify an individual as a Radiant can lead to dire consequences as it has been known to happen from time to time. It is why the Coronation of the New Dawn was created to prove the legitimacy of a selected Radiant to be chosen as the next Radiarch. It is through this test that each Radiarchy is able to determine that they have successfully chosen a Radiant to rule. However, it is also a means to determine whether a Radiant is capable of being given the position for they cannot falter or they could jeopardize the lands to the influence of the Gloom. Only when they finally pass these trials that a new dawn can emerge to take banish the darkness that has fallen over them.


Upon the Power of Light

  When everyone is assembled to witness the coronation, the candidate is brought forth to walk through the throne room until they reach the acting Counselor who is holding the Scepter of Guidance in their hands. It is from here that they shall present the scepter to the candidate and speak saying, " While you take up this scepter so that our people be guided through the darkness, with its shining light." The candidate's response will be, "With it, I shall use it to lead my people from harm and lead them upon the right path so they shall never stray from the light and be consumed by the dark". It is from here that they grasp it and if they are able to get it to glow then they are indeed a Radiant, allowing them to continue with the rest of the ceremony.  

Through the Strength of Will

  It is after this an Illumine Priest often being an Exarch shall test them through a series of questions and trials to see if they are capable of ruling. Often asking serious questions such as "Will you falter in the face of the dark" and "Are you willing to give up all that you have had in your past life to take up the burden of protecting these lands?" It is here that they will see if they can catch any signs of hesitation or fear in their voice to make them unqualified for the role. If there are none, then they have proven that they have the will to carry out their rule and continue on with the final test.  

By the Gift of Wisdom

  To see if they are able to make proper decisions when ruling, a Sage shall have them go through a philosophical debate on rulership and the candidate will try to best answer them. This is to determine if their hearts are in the right place and that they have the right mindset to become a Radiarch. This will go on for a few minutes and if the Sage determines that they are capable then have past the trials that have been laid before them.  

A New Dawn

  It is from this moment that the Cloak of Purity is placed on them and being to glow brilliantly as light covers the room and all bow to them in reverence. It from here that they shall walk out onto a grand balcony where below them a large mass of their new subjects waiting in anticipation for their new ruler. When they finally walk out, they shall raise their scepter and a greater amount of light shall shine for all to see and bow before their ruler. Thus, cementing the rule of a new Radiarch and leading to a celebration for all, however, the Radiarch will quickly be whisked away to prepare them for their duties for the next day and accommodate them to their new home. For the duties of a Radiarch are never ending in order to protect their people from all harm.

Components and tools

The candidate will wear only the clothing that is wearing when they were brought in, but should they be able to pass they will be given a large white cloak to signify their success.   Cloak of Purity : The cloak is meant to signify the right to rule fo a Radiarch and all that see them wearing shall know it to be true. It can also allow the Radiance within the Radiant to glow, giving off majestic sight to behold for all to witness.   Scepter of Guidance: A scepter used as a symbol of legitimacy for all Radiants for when one holds them it will begin to glow as a Radiants power will flow through it as it is designed to only powered by Radiants as they are the only ones powerful enough to make it work.


The selected Radiant is at the center of the coronation and must go through all tests, with other key members of the state such as the acting Counselor, along with several high-ranking members of the Congregation of the Eternal Spark and a Sage to witness and aid in the ceremony. While there are many other officials, the coronation is mainly kept behind closed doors and under tight security to ensure no one can harm the Radiant candidate.


Once a Radiant has been found to take up the role they are taken to their seat of rulership to conduct the ceremony in the next few days. They will always be done with the wall of their citadel to ensure that no one can interfere with the ceremony. If the Raidant is far too young to take up the role, then they would be kept under supervision until they were of a proper age to conduct it.

A Test of Rulership

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When must be sure that this is indeed a Radiant and if they are, prove themselves capable of guiding our people into the light, for we cannot have them leading us into the dark. - Illumine Priest
  To determine who is qualified to become a Radiarch, a series of tests were created to ensure who is most qualified to become one. This is divided into three parts, a test of light, a test of will, and a test of wisdom with each one determining how well a candidate will be able to fill in the position. Each one becomes much harder as they go through them and if they should fail in one, then they will be unable to achieve the status of Radiarch but are able to take it again at a later date should they wish or no other candidates can be found. Those that improve themselves show all that they have what it takes to take up the mantle of rule over their Radiarchy.

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