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Radiarchies of Embera

It is through the powers of the Radiants that rule over the Radiarchs that the lands of Embera can know peace and harmony from the corrupt that the Gloom always attempts to bring upon it in its endless quest to consume it. - Counselor Ren Orun


Radiarch: Only those born with the gift of the light may take up this title and lead their people, using their power to protect them from the powers of the Gloom.   Counselor: Advisors of the Radiants, their duties are to aid them in making state decisions and being mentors to them to help them better understand their role as rulers.   Congregation of the Eternal Spark : The predominate religious authority in Embera, they are tasked with guiding the masses to ensure they never stray from the light.   Board of Industries : A division of the Radiarch that deals in day-to-day dealings of everyday life such as agriculture, construction, and production to ensure that the people are cared for and well-kept.


Social Dynamics

  Through the guidance of the light, we were delivered our saviors as the Radiants to cast the dark away from our lands and our peoples. Through them, the light will never stray from us and keep us from straying from it. It is why we revere and honor them for the duty they have taken up, so none may have to suffer as long as the warmth of their light may shine upon us. For that reason, we heed their words of wisdom and embrace one another as kin no matter our differences so that we may all bask in the light shown to us. As well as living to serve and protect them so our people will never be lost in the dark again.  


  The Radiarchys are the sole rulers of the continent of Embera and hold vast amounts of land and resources to maintain and protect their people, with each one having the power to maintain control over them and the masses that live under them. Allowing for trade and cooperation between one another to ensure peace remains between them and, with the power of a Radiant under them, have no one to oppose their rule as it is legitimate.

Public Agenda

To lead and protect the people by maintaining the light through the power of the Radiants to hold back the Gloom.


Each Radiarch controls large amounts of resources and manpower to sustain their populations and production. All the while being protected by a Radiant that holds much of the Gloom at bay and military forces to face them should they come to bring trouble.


Fall of the Monarchs

  Before the time that Radiants ruled over the land, monarchs ruled over all by the right of their bloodline, and so did those that served under them the highborn. For a time, their rule was kind, just as they protected their lands from the threat of The Gloom and its minions that came to their lands. These monarchs ruled many lands and, despite their differences, sought to work together to bring peace to their peoples for all to prosper. This era would be known as the Age of Crowns for the many rulers that had power over the land and would last for a thousand years. Through these bloodlines, this peace would last through remembrance and wisdom to keep Embera safe from the darkness surrounding them. However, these bloodlines would eventually become tainted with arrogance and hubris to the birthright passed down from generation to generation of monarchs that came after them. This would make them more susceptible to the Gloom and the effects of Gloomification as time went on, and the monarchs began to fight one another in what would become the first know wars between the Emberans as they spilled one another blood for the first time. One by one, they fell by one another or by the Gloom. Still, a selected few chose to serve it and would be forever known as the Shroud Keepers, as their power brought forth a shroud that covered the light across the lands they held dominion over, leaving the Gloom to consume to world unopposed slowly.   At this time, the Radiants were still few and were considered blessed individuals who traveled the land to protect it from wherever the Gloom was and purify it. They would act as servants, give aid to all that sought it out, and give nothing in return. However, when the Great Shroud fell upon the land, they were hunted by the forces of the Shroud Keepers, that sought to extinguish their light to allow the Gloom to spread even faster than before, and some were even imprisoned by the few monarchs remaining in a vain attempt to halt the Gloom from consuming them. When hope for their survival was lost, a new light emerged, with the Dawn Crusade joining them in the Crusade of Reclamation to return the light to the world once more. With the aid of their noble companions at their side and the combined power of their light, the Shourd Keepers were defeated and the world restored. The monarchs would forever lose their power, and their crowns melted down into sacred symbols of their light in the crusade's victory. Not long after, the people looked toward the Radiants to guide them, for they were the embodiment of the light itself, and the Radiarchys would be formed with each Radiant ruling over them to ensure that the power of the Gloom would never have sway over the land as long as they were in power.  

Rule of the Light

  From then on, rulership over a Radiarch was not one of bloodline but of blessing by those born with the power of a Radiant. Their power kept the Gloom at bay and the Gloomspawn that served it. Through them, the light's power became stronger as peace would reign over the Radiarchys and thrived under them. Reason and wisdom would become the way to rule over as they sought to help their people make their lives better and safe no matter how small the problem. Banishing whatever influence the Gloom had over the people as they basked in their Radiant's light. But many would forget that even Radiants were still mortal and, like all things born into this world, they must leave it when the time comes. This did not mean the end, however, for the cycle of a Radiant was never-ending, and when one passed on, another would be born and sought out to take up the leadership role for their Radiarch, continuing to shine the light upon their people. From this, each Radiant would be taught to rule by learning from their predecessors to gain a greater understanding as if they were their ancestors.     For each Radiant that took up the mantle of rule, so did the peace that came with them with their power guiding their people. This, however, was often not always enough, for even the light of a Radiant could not reach everywhere the light touched. It was even more true with the shadows it created as the Gloomspawn would appear now and again as not all people could be protected from the influence of the Gloom. It was also made clear that not all people saw the Radiants as benevolent beings as they served the Gloom to empower themselves, and many attempts were made on the lives of the Radiants to weaken the light from time to time. The Radiants were forced to remain under constant guard and protected from all harm in their sanctuaries. Making it often rare to see them leave them more and more as the centuries passed, but to ensure that their power was fully used to protect their land and people from danger, their seats of power would be designed to be conductors of their energy to spread in across great swaths of land as far as the eye could see. Through them and them alone, the Radiarchs bring forth the light that will safeguard the world from the greater threats they may have in store for them should the light ever waver.


Watcher Corps: The military forces of the Radiarchys that are sworn to protect the lands of their Radiarch from all threats, may they be Gloomspawn or individuals with dark intentions.
Founding Date
1200 B.D
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Radiarchies
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Dawn's Successors

by Midjourney
The Radiant Dawn created the Radiants to protect us from the cruel and wicked forces that exist in this world; only they have the right to lead us and protect us with their light - Illumine Priest
  Since the founding of the Radiarchys, there has always been a Radiant on their thrones to rule over them. However, unlike the old monarchs, they cannot pass down their power through their bloodlines nor allow their descent to take up the rulership role. Instead, it was decreed that only those gifted with the light of a Radiant were chosen to rule. It was from this that the servants of the Radiant would scour the land for one gifted with the light to bring them back to rule and protect their people.  

Dimming of the Light

by Midjourney
We all must prepare for the day when our Radaint must return to the light when their time in this world is over, for the dark will surely take advantage of it before we find their successor. - Day Watch Seeker
  When a Radiant passes on from this world, it will often lead to terrible things from their absence. The darkness that they kept as by with their light can now roam free and unopposed with them gone. At this time, Gloomspawn and the dark servants of the Gloom can act without the power of the light stopping them. It is why times like these are known as a Dark Time for what is a more suitable name than the coming of the Gloom when the lights go out. A new Radiant must be found as soon as possible to shorten a Dark Time and return a Radiarch to peace before too much destruction comes from it.

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