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Radiant Dawn

Then, in an instant, something changed in the eternal Gloom that had ruled entirely overall, for something had changed, and its domain receded as it fled the sight of something Radiant, and with came the first dawn that would be the beginning of the world - Excerpt from the Book of Beginnings


The Beginning of the World

  According to all records, the Radiant Dawn was the first light to ever come into existence that sowed the seeds of life and the world's creation. It was from it that all things exist and will continue to exist from the light it created. It is from this power alone that has forced The Gloom to hide away in what remains of its dark domain to ensure that never had compete control over it again. From here life would flourish from the warm it would bring as long as it shown brightly. But light all lights they all most come to an and it would end, but not before ensure that world had a chance to protect itself from the return of the Gloom.


Dawn's Chosen

  While the first dawn has long since ended, it does not mean that its power has left its world as the stance of Radiance is proof of that. But races that live across this world have been granted a power over the Radiance and can be channeled through them. These individuals are known as Brights and while there powers over Radiance makes them capable fighters against The Gloom they are not the most powerful. That title goes to the Radiants, a select few that been chosen to become beacons of light itself and with their great power can keep the powers of The Gloom from spreading greatly.
Metaphysical, Divine

Gift of Radiance

  Once besides the gift of life being granted to the world, another power came into being that would be essential in battling the forces of the Gloom later on. This power would be known as Radiance , an energy of pure light strong enough to fight the influence of The Gloom and banish it from the world. It can be found across the world or it can be born inside someone to gain control over its power.  

After the Dawn

  After the First dawn came into being so did it end once the creation of the world was over. Its power would spread across the world and bring life to it. It would then scatter to and creating many beacons of light that would halt the expansion of the Gloom from taking hold again. The greatest of these beacon would be refereed to as the twin suns with one later turning it the moon and the star to bright up the dark skies of light to give hope.

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