Radiarchy of Esobrel

We are blessed to have the life that has been given to us so we must to what we can to ensure that it is the same fore those that come after us to help so they may to share this gift. - Sage Roya Giftgiver


Radiarch : Only those born with the gift of the light may take up this title and lead their people, using their power to protect them from the powers of the Gloom.   Counselor: Advisors of the Radiants, their duties are to aid them in making state decisions and being mentors to help them better understand their role as rulers.   Congregation of the Eternal Spark: The predominate religious authority in Embera; they are tasked with guiding the masses to ensure they never stray from the light.   Board of Stewards: A division of the Radiarch that deals in day-to-day dealings of everyday life, such as agriculture, construction, and production, to ensure that the people are cared for and well-kept.


Social Dynamics

  Since the beginning of the world, our people have been blessed with a land that was embraced with the warmth of the light and all of its gifts. With it, we have learned to grow and be thankful for what we have in life. But we also have learned that we are greatly connected to the world just as much as all other creatures living on it. For everything we take, we ensure that we give back one way or another to ensure that we may, in turn, prosper in the future. These teachings have led us to a life where every day is treated like our last so that we can truly appreciate it. For that reason, we have learned not to fear what could happen or what will only matter in the moment we live in, which is the most important.  


  The lands of Esobrel are known for their great beauty and fertile lands in the deep south, along with its unique tropical environment that produces unique resources and customs. Its people are often known to be the most friendly people to meet and have strong ties in trade across the world. Some of the wealthiest people are found here in trade and the control of certain industries. Yet much of the land is underdeveloped to preserve the environment, leading to a gap in wealth among its population; some lack certain commodities in certain rural regions. They also have reservations about industrialization to avoid pollution of their environment, making them farther behind in most current technological advances. Yet, they have one of the largest military forces in the continent that they can maintain.

Public Agenda

To ensure that life is cherished by all and honored so that no one shall live in fear of that darkness in this world.


Way of the Earth

  In the time of old, Esobrel was known as a land of plenty and gifted by the light with all of its gifts that it had to offer; with it being said, its people came from the earth itself to have such a strong connection with it. This allowed them to prosper as they had no desire but to live in peace as all they desired could be found in it. There was no conflict or need for it, as they all treated one another like family and helped one another when needed. Through this idea of community and preservation of their homeland, the influence of the The Gloom was halted, but it would be like this forever. In the shadows where the light could not touch, a faint whisper was spoken to those who strayed close to it, creating desires that made them seek more than they should ever need. Those who listened to these poisoned words began to dig deep into the earth and strip it of all that had to offer, leaving nothing behind to return.   They became greatly powerful and began to force their influence upon others as they began to force them to make more from it without end. many were lured by the gifts that came with such greed and followed suit with the desecration of their homeland, leaving behind ruination that slowly poisoned it to its very core. Yet, from this time of ignorance, some still remembered how to treat nature and the earth itself, and they would be spared the doom that all others lost to the lure of corruption as the earth's words whisper to those that remained true to it and escape to safety. The ones that remained would be punished for their crimes as their destruction would see them perish, the soil would turn to sand, and a vast desert would replace it, swallowing them whole to end their wicked ways. The faithful would survive and later find fertile lands to start over and continue the harmony between them and nature, remembering to never fall to the temptations that came with those who were never satisfied with what they had.  

Living Under The Sun

  Life in Esobrel is far different from the point of view of the other Radiarchies, mainly because they do things differently in pretty much everything. This stems from their culture surrounding itself having a symbiotic relationship with their homeland and everything in it. This results in people living off the land when they need to rather than exploiting it every moment they can. Everything they take from it is within reason, and they most often return something to it to allow it to heal over time. It has also led to them having a nonchalant attitude about the wilderness and things, seeing no real danger from them as it is a natural part of the world unless danger presents itself to them. It has also allowed them to understand its inner workings better and the best methods to gather resources and restore them when needed. This has made great strides in many areas, such as agriculture and the study of animals, more than most. places in the world. It also has a spiritual aspect, believing that all things in the world are connected and exist for a reason, with a duty to ensure that all prosper from that connection.   Most settlements found here are made of natural components such as earth, sticks, grass, and uncut stone to avoid damaging material from their environment. They have also been built in areas that require the removal of said environment and harming it. While this may seem a bit extreme in some regards, it continues to work well for the most part, living a peaceful life without worrying about lack of space or building materials. This is slightly different with cities as they are made of clay and mud interwoven with other natural mixtures to create a highly durable stone for their material. They would also build these cities into areas where certain resources must be harvested within reason. But for the most part, these lands are often just wilderness for miles around, with settlements being clustered in certain areas for around and have not seen any industrial development from their inhabitants, making it often difficult for people to travel across if they are unfamiliar with the region. Yet, it is considered one of the most majestic places to be found on the continent for its warm weather and tropical environment as well as its strong presence of Radiance that seems to come alive more than any other place.    

A Dark Horizon

  Since the Glintlight Revolution and the aftermath of the Duskfall, the peace of Esobrel has been meeting the desire to catch up with the rest of the world to survive the dangers rising in the world. Believing that this technology will benefit the people as a whole and quell the rising darkness that comes from the Gloom. However, many find this emplacing of Glintlight will cause people to become dependent on it and lose their way, seeing as any easy way out and not a permanent solution to their problems no matter how helpful it may be. The resources needed would cause them to dig up large quantities of land to gather the resources, not to mention the Radiance needed to power them, leaving scars on the land and damaging its environment. This has left a divide between the elders and the youths, who believe in what is best for their people in the long run and refuse to budge either way. This led to entire communities being divided as progress and culture clashed with one another on a scale that had not been seen in these lands for a long time.   What is more, the Duskfall did not leave their lands unharmed like the rest of the continent; the vast Blazing Sands, in the last few decades, has expanded by a considerable amount of millage from the poisoning of the earth. Causing dire consequences for the lands bordering as the desert slowly consumed them and displaced its native populations and the animals that lived there. Leading to a growing refugee crisis as more and more people continue to move south in search of food and a new home. While this may seem to be an easy task to deal with, the sudden influx of people moving into these lands has caused strain on current food supplies in various regions, and spacing for these new migrants is limited as no new lands are being settled with them being placed into different settlements where they can be found. This has resulted in tension and clashes with both sides as those being desperate enough have become Badlanders and steal what they need to survive. Making many questions is a much larger struggle that may arise should this crisis not be averted in the near future.



Guardians of Virtue: A band of warriors that have come together under the values of preserving nature and of faith so that they may protect it from things that seek to destroy it for their dark desires.     Watcher Corps: The military forces of the Radiarchys that are sworn to protect the lands of their Radiarch from all threats, may they be Gloomspawn or individuals with dark intentions.


Eternal Spark: The first light that came into existence and created the world, only to vanish shortly after. However, many believe it still exists by inhabiting everything that creates light in the world to protect it.   Aspects of Seasons: Four beings representing the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are often worshipped by those with a deep connection to nature.   Primordial: A being that was said to be the creator of the Wyldkin and is the caregiver to all things wyld.   Craft Weaver: The creator of the Circles of Crafting is worshipped by crafters to allow them to gain knowledge to master their skills.     Revered Mother: A faith that is only practiced in the South that the people believe that the land gave birth to them and gifted them with the wonders of all that life offers.

Foreign Relations

Esobrel has always had friendly relations with all the other Radiarchies, having trade and diplomatic ties to bring them together better. Yet their closest relations are with the lands of Kor and Ondelenia, being neighbors with them, having cultural exchanges and trade treaties that allow all parties to prosper. Yet as the world begins to suffer from its struggles, so do their trade and relations with them. With Ondelenia suffering from turmoil within and Kor from environmental devastation, Esobrel tries to send aid whenever they can. Still, it does not seem to be enough to change a thing.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to fertility and diverse resources found in Esobrel, much of the land is divided up based on what is abundant and suitable produce without harming the environment around them. Crops are grown in empty plots of land enriched with fertilization or harvested where they are commonly found, livestock in open spaces to graze, mines in rocky areas where no one loss of habitat can occur, and so on. As for areas that require smithing and masonry, amongst other things, are only found in the cities, and other developed settlements can be found with raw materials coming in and made products and materials coming out of them to be used according to what is needed.

Trade & Transport

Much of trade is done by road as only at least two dozen harbors have been built along the coast to avoid overfishing and the destruction of the coastal ecosystems. Much of the roads of trade value are made of stone to make traveling much easier into other lands, and ships that seek to travel even farther do so by sailing along the coast and even taking riverways to reach their destination with resounding speed thanks to their well-crafted ships.


Much of the education in Esobrel is left up to the communities that make up it, seeing that different forms of knowledge are needed depending on their way of life or the value of this knowledge to their youths. Those of the poorer residences where they are brought up learn what their community seeks from them, whether they be farmers or builders, should the need require it, with very few places of learning with them. In the wealthier and more developed areas, schools exist to teach them reading and writing and other skills that vary in value, such as math and science. But all learn the importance of faith and the ideals of preserving nature and the beauty of their homeland. Creating a unique outlook on life that fuses cultural values and religion to have a deeper understanding of the world around them, along with promoting the ideals of community, charity, and compassion to all around them.


Esobrel varies in development across its territory, with only a few areas experiencing heavy development of cities and other buildings, with much of it being centralized in places with highly valued resources and natural defense to protect them from harm. Unlike most settlements across the continent, with all plant life and obstacles being torn down to build housing, the Estobrelites prefer to build around it as much as possible. This is to maintain a connection to nature around them, which can be seen all across the land with stone covering the ground and grass growing freely. Most are built in open areas to avoid the destruction of the nature around them. Only roads and cities mainly use stone to improve travel and living, yet most roads are mainly dirt paths if they do not have any value to places of importance and trade.

Unity and Harmony

Founding Date
1200 B.D
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
South Lands, Land of the Sun
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Cora Rings: Rings made of various metals to be placed around fingers, arms, or connected to be traded in any amount depending on the value and are easy to carry without the fear of losing them.
Parent Organization
Related Species

Union of Harmony

by midjourney
No matter where we come from, we are of one land, of one people, and nothing shall break the connection that binds us all together. - Elder
  It does not matter how great the distance or the difference in the way of life is found in Esobrel, for its people have learned to treat one another fairly and honestly. They have learned to understand one truth: they are one people no matter how much time has changed them, and they should continue caring for and supporting one another when needed. For much of the history of this land, the conflict between its peoples has rarely occurred between them unless dire circumstances are involved in causing it.  

All Things Wild

by Midjourney
Though all creatures walk different paths in life, we must follow the nature of this world to follow the path it has set out for us. - Wayfarer Hu'Ruk
  Out of all the peoples who live across Embera, the Esobrelites are considered the most in tune with their natural environment. Being able to understand it and all the creatures that live on it. It has also allowed them to adapt and gain traits that are not common with most other Emberans, such as sense beings that are hidden, weather changes, and how to blend in with the wilderness. This has also allowed them to connect better with the animals around them by respecting their boundaries and mimicking their movements to improve their natural abilities. This has allowed them to thrive without the extended use of technology and live peacefully without the need to depend on it.

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