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Circles of Crafting

The crafts are powers that should be respected and feared as they can easily bring salvation or ruination to those who use them for their causes. - Crafter

Power of the Weaver

  At the beginning of the world with the Radiant Dawn brought about by the Eternal Spark, many things came, but no being more mysterious and unpredictable than the being known as the Craft Weaver. A being of great power that tends to interfere in worldly affairs far too often than most would want to. While it has not done much to affect this world, they have allowed the mortal of this world to gain access to power that would not be possible by normal means, the crafts, and their affiliated circles. To explain the crafts, we must first understand the circles and how they affect crafting. When Craft Weaver first manifested the circles, their power source came from a certain part of existence that could be drawn upon and manipulated for personal use. These circles and their afflicted power are bound to this aspect and cannot be changed otherwise or mixed with another circle. As for the ones able to use these circles, often known as Crafters, they are the only ones able to access them to create hexes and glamour by those who seek to create this power and bring it into the world.  

The Circles

  Several circles exist and are bound to a certain aspect of existence that draws power from it to use. Each of these circles is unique and allows the crafter to wield what power it holds and is limited to. Often being created from the wonders and terrors of the world so that they can be used by whoever wishes to harness their power. These circles are divided into the Natural Crafts and the Wicked Crafts.  

Natural Crafts

  Natural crafts are circles made up of things that are a part of the natural world, and most do not tend to cause considerable harm to their environment or other creatures in general.   Brightcraft: As the name implies, it centers around the power of light or Radiance, and it is the only restrictive circle with only those that are born Dawn Sparked or Brights to able to use them. They are often best used in matters of counteracting the twisted powers of The Gloom and the healing of grievous wounds both average to bordering unnatural.   Charmcraft: A circle that is intertwined with the wonders and mysteries of the world, often in the form of creating illusions, constructs, and imbuing power to objects or creatures to allow them to control their surroundings with ease. Those who use this craft will often use it in entertainment, combat, and unraveling, all hidden from them should they discover it.   Wildcraft: Many who choose this path seek a deeper connection to nature and all things around them by tapping into the elements that bound themselves to the world, being able to manipulate their environment around them when it was near. Many who use this will often only be able to use certain elements around them; otherwise, they can be great fighters and protectors.   Astracraft: All that choose this craft shall learn the power and enchantments of the starry sky, being able to manipulate its brilliance and read the signs they give to them to tell them of things to come. Those who follow this craft are often surrounded by mystery as they often relate little of what they know from reading the heavenly bodies, but their skill in channeling the powers from them can make them feared for their keen and open minds.  

Wicked Crafts

  Wicked Crafts are circles made up of foul things that leak into the world and are only meant to cause harm to all things around them, often twisting those that use them.   Gloomcraft: All know the true meaning of this craft as it draws its power from The Gloom itself with its corruption and discretion in everything it touches including themselves. Those using it will have power over all things dark and over the Gloomspawn and become their personal servants, making them dangerous to face in battle until they destroy themselves when it finally overwhelms them.   Banecraft: Pain and suffering that follow for those who chose this craft surround all things that bring misery into it, afflicting it unto others without hesitation nor pity. Here, one can find the worst people who choose this craft, as they enjoy inflicting pain on others and causing damage to the environment around them, often causing it to undo itself and tearing things apart in horrendous ways.   Vilecraft: One of the lesser-known crafts that exist solely around the idea of poisoning another individual both physically and mentally, all for the sake of power and domination. Those who follow this craft have been known to turn the most resilient of minds into obedient slaves or weaken them physically and have found ways to alter a body through twisted means to make themselves more powerful at the cost of disfiguration and insanity.
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Mark of the Weaver

by Jester%
Only those who bear the mark may claim the power they seek from the Weaver. - Cryptic Crafter
  To most people who do not understand how one receives the ability to use the circles, an individual must be marked by the Craft Weaver themselves to allow them to use a circle. Once that is done, they must channel the power of the circle they have chosen to use and bind themselves to it. Once this is done, they will receive a special brand on their body with the mark of the circle they are affiliated with, all being able to see. Only then will they be able to become a Crafter and use their power as they please. One can become a Crafter in two ways: by making a contract with the Craft Weaver themselves or by being born with a Craft Mark to allow them to craft.  

Craft Channels

  A Crafter must be able to learn both channels if they wish to use one or the other; only then can they gain mastery over them. - Crafter Teacher   Crafters can use two types of abilities when using their craft while in their field; through them, they manifest to bring aid or harm to anything they are targeting, known as glamours and hexes.   Hexes: This type of craft is known for offensive uses and altering one's surroundings to cause harm to those they are targeting. These are often easier to use as they generally involve concentrating on the desired target and trying to hit it as quickly as possible, but they can get out of control should focus be lost.   Glamour: A more subtle approach that revolves around the defensive and support crafts to empower, protect, and mend the desired target. It can be much more difficult to maintain due to more energy going into it and the need for precise focus.

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Very well done article, I like how you contrasted the two opposing crafts and used the metaphor behind "weaving". Do all circle tattoos look the same or are they different depending on the craft used?

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I actually wrote it down in the side article, but to simplify it, a standard mark is pretty much a bland circle. When a certain craft power has been drawn into it, it will transform and take the shape of a similar design based on the craft they have chosen.

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