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Radiarchy of Ondelenia

One of the five Radiarchies of Embera, Ondelenia has always been a land built by their devotion to the light and seeking to vanquish all things dark to build a better world.

2715 words

Radiarchy of Renden

One of the five Radiarchies of Embera, Renden seeks to find a different path in the world to ensure that the mistakes of the past never repeat themselves and a world of prosperity.

2903 words

Radiarchy of Kor

One of the five Radiarchies, Kor is a land of cold and hardship, yet its people never forget their bonds of fellowship and family so all can find a place they can call home.

2587 words

Radiarchy of Senju

One of the five Radiarchies, Senju has sought to breakaway from the twisted darkness within all things so that may final free the world and ascended into a new age of prosperity.

2446 words


A race that is made up of different animal species that live amongst the wilds and settlements being sworn protectors of nature from all that seek to destroy and taint it.

1014 words

Radiarch Amerisia Nuvera

As Radiarch of Ondelenia, Amerisia seeks to create a world where may prosper through faith and compassion throughout her long life and continues to do so even when things seem at their darkest.

1554 words

Dawn Sparked

Those that are born with the spark of the first dawn that able to cotrol and manipulate radiance and light around them to fight back the dark forces of the world.

936 words


Warriors that have chosen to fight for profit and fame for anyone that is willing to pay for their services.

1075 words

Circles of Crafting

Amongst the many powers the exist in the world, the crafts exist for those that seek to do good and bad for those chosen to use them.

1272 words

Mimsi and the Fallen Star

A touching tale of a young girl seeking to have her wish granted upon a fallen star, have a touching journey along the way.

797 words

Craft Weaver

A being of a unknown nature that is know for the creation of the Craft Circles and often takes no sides of the cosmic powers yet interferes with both either way.

510 words

Hymn of the Spark

A sacred hymn to the Eternal so all may known even why their is only darkness there shall always be a light that will guide all out of it and into its embrace.

309 words

Sir Aiden the LightBringer

The heroic tales of the famous paladin, Aiden the Lightbringer and his quest to vanquish the darkness that plague his homeland.

709 words

The Doomed Watch

4180 words

Wayfarer’s Union

An international group that is not held down by any government bodies in order to set out into the world and do good in the world against all that would do it harm.

1482 words

Phoenix Nebula

475 words

Dark Claim

422 words

Flash Marble

439 words

Maris Bay

537 words

Wayfarer Sentinels

436 words

The coming dark

354 words

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Throughout my life, I have always been a dreamer, of course, I'm not sure it was just me of the ADHD doing but I did it anyway. Of course, like any kid at a young age, I loved to draw and through my drawings, I am managed to bring out my ideas to come to life before my eyes. Of course, like any kid who liked to draw, I wanted to be an artist until my dream was utterly shattered by my parent's hammer of reality and to tell you the truth I was never going to be that good anyway and ever if I was I was going I would be a starving one just trying to make a living by doing commissions for anyone like everyone else. I would probably be doing from a box near an internet cafe to consider no one ever has a lot of money, anyone, to start a life these days. So when high school ended I began my journey to become a writer and man was I lost and my writing looked like Tommy Wiseau's script for The Room. Of course, I had no idea where to start since I never read when I was a kid because when you are forced to read by your parents it doesn't make you want to do it at all. But considering I watched a lot of movies, tv and played video games I had an idea of where I was going. With time I managed to get somewhere, but it was not until I found World Anvil that the horizon seemed to hold endless possibilities for me. Then the man did I just write everything in my head to the point that I tried to post an article every week or several a week just to see my progress and man, oh man I slowly made my way into something good. I have been doing that ever since and I do not feel like stopping anytime soon. So look out world because I going to stick it to you for all the reality crap you kept telling all my life and nothing is going to stop me now.

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