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Craft Weaver

Most people have no idea what the Craft Weaver really is, nor do they understand their intentions, only that it offers power to anyone who seeks it out. - Semon Jubru

Divine Domains

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Weaver's Mark: A mark given to all Crafters that allow them to access of the circles of crafting, but once one power is drawn upon the desired circle it is bound to them permanently.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The true intentions of the craft Weaver remain a mystery to this day, all that concern is, it seems to be indifferent in the chaos that it causes with it power.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mysterious Entity

  Well, many beings were created in the beginning of the world when the internal spark gave birth to it there was one that seemed to be out of place out of all of them, this being remained a mystery for time, until finally, at the end of the Dawn Age it finally decided to show itself. It was from this point that it would granted power onto the world known as the crafts and circles that held power within them. It did not care who used them or what their intentions were all that was certain was it did not seem to care what happened. This being was forever known as the craft Weaver, and even to this day, it continues to allow it's powered to be granted to the mortals of the world, both wicked and courageous. As to why it continues to do so, is a mystery as It hasn't yet to reveal its own intentions. All that is certain is is that a continues to give its power away without even batting an eye. Often granting its mark to random individuals to gain the power of the circles or making contracts with those that see it.   To many that have seen its power in action and the use of the circles throughout the history of the world it has been determined that this being has no real goal in mind as it seems to just watch over it's work as it's crafters, wonder and horror to the world. It is often referred as a being of chaos and order as it often plays both sides of the cosmic clash between the light in the dark. yet it does not favor, either as well, letting events transpire on their own, only to choose when it wants to act. Why this being has been allowed to act on its own accord is unknown, either, as such a being, should not be left to its own devices by the powers of the eternal spark and the gloom itself. But maybe that is where the true reason behind its purpose exists to become the counter bound between the light, and the dark, and ensure that the world is not come to an end. With its power being the very reason that it has not collapsed yet, nor will it anytime soon.
Divine Classification

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