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Flash Marble

Crafted from a blend of rare crystals mined from the depths of the earth, the orb itself was a marvel of precision and artistry. Its surface, polished to a radiant sheen, refracted light in an ethereal dance of prismatic colors. The luminescent properties were amplified by infusing the crystal with elixirs derived from rare fauna and enchanted minerals, rendering it capable of emitting a brilliant glow when subjected to specific triggers.   To fashion the Flash Marble, skilled refiners and artisans meticulously fused the luminescent crystal with a concoction of arcane compounds, carefully balanced to create a controlled yet potent reaction. The goal was to achieve a controlled explosion, producing a blinding burst of light upon impact, while mitigating any potential harm to bystanders.   The process involved a delicate infusion of the crystal sphere with a minute quantity of volatile alchemical essence, specifically calibrated to trigger a brilliant release of energy upon shattering. Each Flash Marble required a precise blend of enchantments and alchemical solutions, imbuing the orb with its unique incendiary properties.   Upon completion, the Flash Marble resembled an exquisite piece of art, seemingly innocuous in appearance yet concealing immense potential within its fragile shell. The orb exuded an otherworldly glow, pulsating with latent energy, its core shimmering with an iridescent brilliance.   When activated, the Flash Marble was designed to unleash a blinding explosion of light upon impact, saturating the surrounding area in a radiant burst that temporarily blinded and disoriented adversaries. The spherical design allowed it to be easily transported and deployed with a swift, accurate throw or launch, intended to provide a tactical advantage in combat or as a diversionary tool.   However, the creation and handling of the Flash Marble demanded the utmost caution and expertise. Mishandling or unintended activation could result in disastrous consequences, potentially causing harm to the wielder or innocent bystanders. Therefore, the use of the Flash Marble required specialized training and meticulous handling by those entrusted with its deployment.   Despite its risks, the Flash Marble stood as a testament to the fusion of alchemical mastery and artisanal craftsmanship, offering a unique tool for those skilled enough to wield its blinding brilliance in their pursuit of tactical advantage or strategic diversion.


The creation of the Flash Marble, an ingenious and volatile invention, combined intricate craftsmanship with alchemical expertise to produce a dazzling yet potentially perilous object. At its core lay a spherical orb, delicately fashioned from a unique crystal infused with luminescent essences and enchantments. The manufacturing process was a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few skilled Brights and Radiance Refiners within the clandestine workshops of the Ondelenia.
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