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Domen Aria

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Welcome to the fantasy world of Domen Aria. It has existed in my mind in different forms from about 1988, when I discovered an old D&D campaign setting (the pink one) on a forgotten book shelf. Over the years many creations formed in my head and then they were slowly written down on paper until I eventually got my own computer and then transferred those multiplying ideas to word documents and now I can finally put them together in a more cohesive way, here. It's not always easy to put ideas, stories, and thoughts down in print. With a little hesitation and excitement I decided to give this a go and see what new creations will spring to life.   The hesitation comes from the idea that my thoughts might be stolen and passed along as someone else's. While I certainly don't mind anyone using my ideas in their home games and personal entertainment, no one should be claiming my work as their own. If you want to add any of them to your world, just drop a quick acknowledgement as to their place of origin. So that someone else doesn't steal them from you and pass them off as their own. If anyone wants to publish or make profit from my intellectual property then you need my expressed written permission and equivalent compensation. Again if you want to use them for fun, no problem, if you want to make money from them, big problem.   Copyright Notices and Credits   This work is intended SOLEY for the amusement and entertainment of Domenick DeMaria and his friends and associates. It is NOT permitted to copy or sell this work, in whole or in part, in any way without my written permission. I also reserve copyright for all portions of this work that are my original effort. Portions of this work that are not my original effort are described below, and the owners of said portions still retain all copyright and claim to those portions.   Thank you for your understanding and patience.