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Radiarchy of Senju

We all can fall into the darkness that dwells within us, but we also have the power to overcome them should we wish to. - Sage Seruyu


Radiarch: Only those born with the gift of the light may take up this title and lead their people, using their power to protect them from the powers of the Gloom. Counselor: Advisors of the Radiants, their duties are to aid them in making state decisions and being mentors to help them better understand their role as rulers.   Congregation of the Eternal Spark : The predominate religious authority in Embera; they are tasked with guiding the masses to ensure they never stray from the light. Board of Industries: A division of the Radiarch that deals in day-to-day dealings of everyday life, such as agriculture, construction, and production, to ensure that the people are cared for and well-kept.


Social Dynamics

  We all have a darkness inside of us that desires to consume us should we allow it to do so, but all can overcome it should they choose to do so. This may seem impossible for many, but one must be willing to overcome all obstacles if one wishes to achieve what one seeks. This is the path we have chosen for ourselves in this world, and we will continue to do so in the search for enlightenment. Through it, we have gained a great desire to understand ourselves and the world around us better, leading us to prosperity. We have learned so much yet so little about what can be achieved in this life, only to be able to build upon what came before and find what we seek. The only way to be free from the shackles of wickedness is to let go of the world's problems, look at what lies beyond, and find clarity in understanding our final destination.  


  Senju has had a long history of making achievements that have enabled it to reach feats that the other radiarchies strive to achieve. It is known for goods well made from its vast wealth and various development projects that have earned its place as a power on the continent. Its knowledge in various studies has enabled it to bring forth advancement in ideas of medicine, engineering, and the natural world that all can access should they wish to learn. Yet, since its isolation, Senju has restricted access to all they have to offer to the rest of the world and now remains in silence with those chosen to enter its lands to access its wonders.

Public Agenda

To preserve our way of life through overcoming our dark nature and elevating ourselves to a higher calling.


A Journey Within

  Since ancient times, Senju has been surrounded by mystery as it remained isolated from the rest of the world. This isolation allowed it to build upon its own ideas and culture about its place in existence. During this time, they learned much from their finding and created strong and prosperous states that sought to advance themselves further with a desire for knowledge to press them forward. However, this leads them to a thirst for power, leading them to so low. That is because it is a lush and prosperous land that has learned the world's many mysteries and has used it to advance itself much faster than most other radiarchies. This caused many to fight over their knowledge and fall into an abyss that slowly consumed them in greed and ignorance. So enough The Gloom's power began to swallow all in its path as the people continued to fight one another without realizing the darkness that sought to consume them. Yet not all was lost as a light shone brightly to turn their attention and would see all set right.   In this troubled time, a holy man came to the people whose names had been long forgotten, with the title given to him remaining, the Heavenly Sage. He would bring peace and understanding to those clouded by their selfish desires and ambitions wherever he went. His words were filled with truth and wisdom that made anyone who heard them see reason, allowing them to be free of the darkness that engulfed them. Through him, the land would heal, and its people would return to their senses, sharing their knowledge and aiding one another, setting forth a shining future for all to see. In time, his teaching would spread across the land with sages to guide all who sought the path to see harmony would be brought to all. Ensuring that wisdom allowed all to overcome their darkest being so that they could do what was righteous and forever led them to a journey of endless possibilities.  

Mind Over Matter

  While other lands often limit themselves with what can be achieved or not, Senju believes in no such thing. They have always sought to question things in front of them and beyond. Allowing them to achieve feats that most would only dream of in their lifetime. May it be the crafting of a stronger metal or being able to predict the changes in the weather they would come up with it and refine it over generations until it was made possible. They never gave up as failure is often the greatest teacher in life and aided them in learning what what went wrong and turn it into a success. This untimely allowed them to reach the state they are in today with many of thier ideas spreading to other part of the world to be used to improve life.   Of course not all of this was in the physical realm alone as they would often go into the possibilities of spirituality as well. Many have sought questions upon the purpose of existence and the path that it is meant to led to only to find more questions than answers. May it be the sages looking to old and new teachings or even the astrapaths looking to the star for answers, the questions and answers have lead them to many places. It has enabled them to gain a greater understanding of the world and the nature of its creature enabling them to understand all around them. It has also enabled them to overcome their own flaws that come from within to bring about a better life for themselves.  

Separation From The World

  In recent years, Senju has become more distant from itself and the rest of the Embera and is closing its borders from anyone going in or leaving. While not many know the real reason why this has been done, many speculate it is due to the chaos that happened more than twenty years ago, caused by a series of attacks on the Radiarchy’s Radiants by Gloom cultists, with many being captured or killed. Resulting in a succession crisis. When the last Radiarch, Sune Whel Soh, finally passed away, a Dark Time enveloped the region for six years. It wasn’t till a successor, Shueya Mei, finally took the title of Radiarch and restored the peace. Yet the damage that was caused would take years to repair, and no other Radiants were born in Senju since then, making Shueya the only remaining one in the Radiarchy.   Due to the ever-growing troubles of the continent, the leadership of Senju has decided to close itself off from its neighbors and the rest of the world to preserve itself. This has caused a backlash by the other radiarchies for such an extreme decision, as trade and diplomatic ties have been entirely severed. Its government states that any more damage could result in the complete collapse of the diarchy and has ignored all aid from its neighbors, seeing it as a matter for them to deal with. Yet some find it quite suspicious that this is being done, seeing that it would be all the more reason to seek help in such an unstable situation by creating stronger ties with its allies. Since it's three years of isolation, the only news from Senju now is from a select few with permission to enter it on business. Those who aren't tight-lipped say that strange things are happening in it as things are not as they appear, with everyone seemingly unwilling to say what is happening.



Watcher Corps: The military forces of the Radiarchys that are sworn to protect the lands of their Radiarch from all threats, may they be Gloomspawn or individuals with dark intentions.   Tranquil Order: A group of warrior monks who have dedicated themselves to mastering the art of heightening senses and emotion control to combat Gloomspawn more effectively.

Technological Level

Senju has often been considered a pioneer in many things that have shaped the modern world and seen leaps over the centuries, which has mainly contributed to unlocking the world's secrets and enlightenment through mathematics, astrology, and engineering. It has allowed them to create a strong infrastructure and settlements in the most unlikely of places, all while preserving the natural beauty of their land.


Way of Transcendence : A philosophical teaching that revolves around self-control and enlightenment of one mind to ensure one does not stray into the darkness within oneself.   Eternal Spark: The first light that came into existence and created the world only to vanish shortly after. However, many believe it still exists by inhabiting everything that creates light in the world to protect it.   Aspects of Seasons: Four beings that represent the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are often worshipped by those with a deep connection to nature.   Primordial: A being that was said to be the creator of the Wyldkin and is the caregiver to all things wyld.   Craft Weaver: The creator of the Circles of Crafting and is worshipped by crafters to allow them to gain knowledge to master their skills.

Foreign Relations

Senju has had a long history of being isolated from the rest of the continent, only accessible with a small patch of land, with the rest separated by mountains and the rest by the sea. Its closest relationships are with Ondelenia and Renden, who are the closest around them, with all others being trade partners. However, it has now closed its borders from them, and all trade has ceased, with only limited access to those approved by the government.

Agriculture & Industry

Senju is a lush place filled with valleys and meadows, making it an ideal place for farming, with rice fields going on for miles, mainly feeding the population. The same can be said for cattle, which are goats, cows, and horses, to graze in the fields. Fishing is considered to be quite a lucrative trade as well, with a large amount of seafood being harvested from its coastline and the building of fish farms and fisheries; the same can be said with the harvesting of sea plants such as seaweed, kelp, and algae to sold for main dishes as well. They also have some skills in building and manufacturing, such as building dams and aqueducts to preserve water and increase transportation. Along with being some of the best metal smiths in the world, it created finely crafted tools and jewelry to be made today. But their most crowning achievements are precut building materials and paper for preserving documents and records.

Trade & Transport

Trade is mainly done by sea, with many ships made to sail the seas and journing to other lands. Many of their ships are specifically designed to carry large amounts of cargo because of this fact to make a purchase worthwhile. Special tools in sea navigation have been placed into these ships to aid in keeping them from starting from their destination and can tell if currents are changing in the water to avoid any possible dangers.


Senju has been known for its many settlements found in the cane and in the highest of mountains to even the sea, be it a city or a small village. Many of their buildings are built with methodical building and care to ensure they are well kept in perfect condition. Well-paved roads, bridges, tunnels, and canals are found to ensure that most places are within reach.

Peace and Tranquility

Founding Date
1200 B.D.
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Land of Many Valleys
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Jurosh Coin: A coin of an ornate design considered one of the most refined currencies in the world.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Harmonious Life

The only way that someone can find satisfaction in one's life is to do something worthwhile in it and give back to others - Farmer
  In a land of wealth and beauty, the people have learned the value of returning what is due to nature and one another to preserve harmony in the world. This idea came from the teaching of the wise and venerated sages who grew to understand all around them and find a path to grow and learn for the better. Through these teachings, Senju has grown and prospered by respecting everything around them and ensuring they are not twisted and corrupted by their flaws. They should allow themselves to learn what is worth having and protecting in the world so they may never go astray should greed and power tempt them.  

Open Minded Thinkers

One must always be open to all possibilities in the world and beyond so that their mind remain open or become closed off and stale, leading them to foolishness and ignorance. - Sage Shao Roah
  Long before the founding of the radiarchies, the people who lived in what is known as Senju gathered a vast amount of knowledge to gain a greater understanding of their world. With it, they have managed to grow their nation as a place of learning and advancement in philosophy and science. This knowledge was open to all who were willing to learn and teach others to find a greater understanding through cooperation and the sharing of ideas that would bring people together. This has allowed the radiarchy to expand and the endless possibilities of what can be achieved without limits.

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