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Radiarchy of Renden

We were once a part of the continent, and now we are not; it is as simple as that, and it will remain that because the reason we exist is because of those mistakes that cause suffering. - Radiarch Jenena Rulgen


Radiarch : Only those born with the gift of the light may take up this title and lead their people, using their power to protect them from the powers of the Gloom.   Counselor: Advisors of the Radiants, their duties are to aid them in making state decisions and being mentors to help them better understand their role as rulers.   Congregation of the Eternal Spark: The predominate religious authority in Embera; they are tasked with guiding the masses to ensure they never stray from the light.   Board of Industries: A division of the Radiarch that deals in day-to-day dealings of everyday life, such as agriculture, construction, and production, to ensure that the people are cared for and well-kept.


Social Dynamics

  Our way has been one of struggle and hardship since the day that made us come together. It was never easy, but it enabled us to become who we are today and hold tightly with dignity and pride. We set out to bring change to the world so that no one would ever suffer from the disasters that should remain in the past. The problems we face today hail from the past by those who still cling to them without seeing the need to change them. Therefore, change must bring progress to a world that is ever to escape the darkness that haunts it and brings suffering to its people. This is why we must be that change if this is ever going to be better, and with our willingness to do so, we shall ensure that it comes and changes the world, all for the benefit of a brighter future for all to enjoy.  


  While Renden is still preferably young compared to the rest of the radiarchies, its status as a trading giant makes it quite an influential radiarchy for those who rely on its trade. Many of its ships can be found across most ports on the continent, transporting goods wherever possible and enriching their homeland. They have also become known for their harvesting of Radiance that comes right out of the sea and its mining industry with mines all across its islands. It has also been known to be a haven for anyone who suffers from persecution at any time and can live in peace.

Public Agenda

We must preserve our way of life and seek a better path than following the same path that leads to failure and ruin.


Born from Ruination

  The youngest of the radiarchies, Renden's history starts long before its founding when its lands were once a part of the Radiarchies of Ondelenia and Senju, with their peoples united under them. However, that all changed with the Sundering and the devastation that came with its wake, breaking the land in two with only the remains forming islands from what once was a part of the continent. Much was lost in knowledge and lives, but none was so damaging as the impact from the people who survived and were now separated from Ondelenia and Senju. It was a time of hardship and struggle as the people were scattered and lost, not knowing what to do in this dark time, with many becoming Gloomspawn from their overwhelmed minds, being trapped islands with nowhere else to go. Aid from Ondelenia and Senju would not come for many years because of the damage caused on the mainland, and many were left to fend for themselves. Forcing the survivors to build their communities, they could survive on their own and live off what they could, some living honestly, while others chose to steal and pillage from others with many years passing with no aid coming from their homeland. This, however, would not mean that it would remain this way as a savior would rise to bring about a new land and bring hope to the people.   This would come from an unlikely figure in the form of a Volpin named Redenthal Ruh Melen, later known as Redenthal the Questioner that would set out to unify the shattered land before him under to form a new nation. Rendenthal, like many others, was a survivor of the destruction that came from the Sundering and spent a long time surviving on his own, using his wits and craftiness to survive and gather other survivors together to survive in their harsh landscape. When he realized that no help was coming for them, he took matters into his own hands. He embarked on a journey to find other survivors across the many islands and, eventually, the separated mainland to form a new society fully separated from Ondelenia. It took him most of his life to see it down, and many tales of his exploits dubbed him a hero across the scarred land. When he finally succeeded, he would place the first Radiarach, Milthera the Broken, in power to signify their new Radiarchy. While its original name would be that of Hosva, after the island's first Radiarch came from, it would be changed to Renden in honor of its true unifier not long after his death. A new Radiarchy to cement itself upon the continent that stands to this day.  

A New Path

  Since the founding of Renden, its people have become fiercely independent of themselves, seeing themselves as no longer a part of the lands that their ancestors came from as they survived on their own without their help. Nor would they return to them, becoming fully separated from them, with their sovereignty later being accepted by the other Radiarchies. This did not end at these lengths either, as they began to change many things, now seeing themselves no longer a part of the continent. This way of thinking originally came from their founder, Rendenthal, as he began to question the current political and theocratic ideas that led to the brutal devastation it created. This way of thinking has led many generations to not solely believe in the current institutions that rule over the rest of the continent. Resulting in new ideas that would originate from this way of thinking that would see them seek a new means of securing their people's future.   In that time since the founding of their radiarchy, Renden has brought about new laws and policies to ensure that their people would never suffer such devastation ever again, such as checks and balances to avoid too much power within the government, local representation with it and separation between the congregation and the state to avoid any religious implications when following state laws. As well as the ideas of self-autonomy in certain regions that lack government intervention and allow religious groups to practice their teachings of the Spark and other faiths with fear of persecution. These new ideas caused a great uproar amongst the other radiarchies for such radical ideas and altered centuries of religious doctrine and culture. Yet they ignored such outcries from those who did not understand what they endured when they did not have to and continued to change for the good of their people. Many of these ideas remain as Renden remains a land of idealism and liberty to see that the future is better for all who will come after them.  

Struggles of Ideals

  In the past decade and a half, a dire political situation has emerged within the halls of Renden's ruling body. A political movement known as the Liberators has stirred up much conflict within its ranks. Their main goal is to bring about a revolution across Embera to liberate its people from failing governments that have declined since the Duskfall. Believing that they will never recover from the devastation caused decades ago and plunge the world back into a new dark age without their interference. While this extremism has generally been ignored in the past, current events have led to more people joining their ranks. This has been caused by the increase of Gloomspawn and instability reported on the continent. Allowing the Liberators to use this as an excuse to justify their goals and deem the other radiarchies outdated, with them needing reform and change to ensure the continuation of civilization.   Yet some still oppose these supposed revolutionaries, seeing them as nothing more than opportunists and profiteers wishing to empower themselves. Knowing that war is never the way to bring forth a better future for reason and compromise has allowed them to progress since its founding; these individuals are of the Fellowship of Ren, filled with the best and brightest in Renden. They come from all walks of life and are bound together by one goal: to better the world through non-violent means. This may not be enough, though, as the Liberators continue to grow in power with every day that passes, with the fellowship slowly losing sway with the people. What is more concerning is that the Liberators have begun to arm themselves by secretly building an army of volunteers and freebooters to prepare for the coming revolution, not even accounting for the needless loss of life and destruction that would cause. It is only a matter of time before the leaders of the Radiarchy discover this plan, and they will be forced to go along with it or plunge their nation into civil war.



Sovereign Militias: Groups of armed citizens authorized to defend themselves and their settlements by any means when governmental forces cannot do so and threats are nearby.   Strong Hearts: A band of freebooters that have recently been made an official part of Renden's forces to protect it from any dangers across the islands.   Watcher Corps: The military forces of the Radiarchys that are sworn to protect the lands of their Radiarch from all threats, may they be Gloomspawn or individuals with dark intentions.

Technological Level

Renden, despite not being as advanced as the other radiarchies, is famous for its ships being some of the best made in the world. Many are now powered with Glintlight engines that increase speed and distance across the waves. They are also known for their mining and deep-sea harvesting techniques using breathing apparatus materials and Radiance. But their most prized creation is their aqueduct system, which delivers fresh water to settlements that have to travel great distances to reach it.


Eternal Spark: The first light that came into existence and created the world only to vanish shortly after. However, many believe it still exists by inhabiting everything that creates light in the world to protect it.   Primordial: A being that was said to be the creator of the Wyldkin and is the caregiver to all things wyld.   Craft Weaver: The creator of the Circles of Crafting and is worshipped by crafters to allow them to gain knowledge to master their skills.   The Flow: An old faith that sailors and recently Aeronauts worship, guiding the wind and the sea to carry all that ride upon them for safety and guidance to where they need to go.

Foreign Relations

Despite having a vast trading network with the other radiarchies, Renden often only ties with its two neighbors, Ondelenia and Senju, in trading certain resources and means of protecting trade routes for possible dangers that may come with them. However, many find their ideas and methods of government to be controversial and dangerous as they can lead to turmoil across entire lands. The other Radiarchies often censored these ideas to ensure they did not lead to discontent with the masses. In recent years, Senju has begun to close its borders, drying up any trade with Renden. Ondelenia has become more cautious with them due to the Liberators causing trouble in the region, leading them to become more isolated.

Agriculture & Industry

Sailing is the biggest distribution in Renden, whether merchant ships or fishing and many of its jobs are surrounded by seafaring. It has resulted in many settlements to build harbors for these ships. The second largest industry is mining, as many deposits emerge from the Sundering, leading many mines to open up and harvest metals and stones. It can be said that harvesting radiance also comes right out of the seas from land that is now swallowed by it. This led to machines being created to harvest it from the water and separated later.

Trade & Transport

With Renden being entirely an island nation, it excels in maritime trade, with its ships traveling across the sea to every port on the continent. While they have some airships, there are very few in use during this time due to the lack of facilities to maintain them, and their seafaring culture will not change anytime soon.


Education is greatly valued in Renden, with the radiarchy putting many resources into teaching its youths its history and founding principles to allow them to expand their minds and preserve their values along with instilling in them the idea of preserving the liberties and rights of the people as well as religious tolerance of other faiths that exist in the world. However, wealthier islands can teach their children more about the sciences and mathematics to further their lives, with some even going further into creating political careers. But most importantly, sailing is taught to most youths to allow them to sail a ship or aid one should they need to in their oceanic lands.


With much of Renden being islands, it is often difficult to lay down proper groundwork to organize its regions and get what they need. Leaving many to build what they need with the resources they have and what they can purchase. Many live in wooden houses or with stones they can find, with some even living in renovated ruins near them. The only more developed island is the largest one, Canteros, which has more space and resources to build cities, harbors, roads, and aqueducts to make living much easier.

Duty and Determination

Founding Date
632 B.D.
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Land of Shattered Pieces, Renden
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Ren Coins: Coins made of valuable metals known for their symbolism in representing the ideals of Renden.
Executive Body
Parliament of Unity: An elective body of representatives of all settlements across the islands and mainland to cooperate for the people's rights.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Nation of Islands

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You need to know two things when traveling here: one, you need a boat to get around, and two, a very detailed map to figure out where the void you are going. - Merchant
  Unlike other nations, Renden is considered a unique radiarchy on Embera mainly because it comprises a series of islands. This has resulted in different cultures developing in many island clusters and the inhabitants who live there. It can also be difficult for any government aid to help them due to the isolation, and the only means of reaching them is by sea or air. This has resulted in these islands arming themselves and managing their settlement with some autonomy while still answering to the radiarchy when obligated. These islands also greatly vary in their environment, with some being lush, barren, rocky, and marshy since they used to be a part of the continent. Ruins exist here as well, many being what is left of the old lands that were lost in the Sundering with Remnant Hunters often scavenging what is left of them for anything of value.  

People of Tides

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We did not become seafarers because we wanted to be; we became seafarers because we had to be for the sake of survival and the welfare of our people so we would not remain stranded on the islands we were forced upon. - Old Sailor
  Before the founding of Renden, the people who survived the Sundering were forced to learn how to build and recover what ships they could find to travel and explore their new lands to search for resources and other survivors. After several generations, they became more capable sailors and, with the founding of the radiarchy, knew more about the seas than most people on the continent. Most ships found on the waters will often be manned by Rendenian crews because they are the most capable in the world. Often, they can predict changes in the weather and where to sail to avoid danger in areas that could damage their ships. Despite airships being used more in other parts of the world, most of the people of Renden still use ships to get to where they need to, as it is in their blood.

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