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Remnant Hunters

There are many places that have been lost and forgotten throughout the ages, but that does not mean they are not filled with secrets that have yet to be uncovered. - Ranur Thriggs, Remnant Hunter
    Remnant Hunters are adventurers given the task of traveling the land in search of ruins from ages containing ancient relics from the remnants of fallen civilizations. In finding these relics, they aid in the understanding and possible methods used to replicate and use them to improve their society. However, their task is not as easy as they will often encounter Gloomspawn and other dangers while exploring these ruins and may meet a cruel end every time they enter one.



There are not any serious requirements to become a Remnant Hunter, although those who are physically fit, have survival training, and have some form of combat skill are more suited for the role as they will be put into many harsh conditions that they will face in their travels. Their willingness to step into danger is also another desired trait as this occupation is not for the faint of heart.

Career Progression

Most Hunters won't reach recognition unless they manage to survive more than a dozen explorations into ruins and bring in a good amount of relics while they are at it.

Payment & Reimbursement

All hunters are paid for anything that they may bring back from the various ruins that they explore depending on the value it might have will be paid with the currency of the Radiarchy that they work for.

Other Benefits

Hunters that manage to find highly valuable relics are paid handsomely for their efforts, and their daring adventures into the ruins they explore often spark the minds of many as they recover lost knowledge and face unprecedented odds to retrieve them.



The main task of a Remanant Hunter is to find and recover relics from the ruins of ancient ages in the hope of using them to benefit society with whatever knowledge or power they may have.

Social Status

Despite the critical task, many see Remnant Hunters as nothing more than treasure hunters who recklessly throw their lives away by traveling to dangerous ruins filled with all sorts of dangers just to get paid. However, some people find the line of work exciting and see the benefits of recovering lost artifacts.


Delving Into The Past

  Remnant Hunter has not seen much history since their founding four hundred years ago, as the desire to find more prominent relics from ages past became more desired than ever before. Mainly being done by the Radiarch of Esobrel being funded by the Radiarch Rhunvi the Seeker, who had a strong desire to empower his people by find relics that would protect them and improve their lives. Once he offered a reward to anyone who brought back relics, many would set out to explore these ruins. This would be a grave mistake for many as they were ill-prepared for what was waiting for them, and many perished as a result of being unprepared and unaware of the dangers in them. There was some success but nothing of note, and the idea of exploring these ruins began to fade from memory.   That was not until a young adventurer named Yemu Swiftwind began to successfully navigate through ruins and bring back priceless relics such as the Hammer of Forges and the Sphere of Knowledge. Due to his success, Rhunvi asked him to form his group of skilled explorers, to which Yemu agreed. He would train a band known as the Hunter's Company, and as news began to spread of them and their exploits, the rest of the Radiarchys started to hire them to explore ruins in their land and search for relics. Since that time, hunters have been scouring the continent for ruins to find and retrieve whatever relics can be found and earn a profit. Many of these relics helped uncover the long-forgotten past and ensure a better future. A well-paying job should allow anyone to live long enough to reap the rewards.



Climbing Kit: To reach certain places, rope, spikes, or any other equipment needs to go places high up or deep below.   Cartographer Tools: To ensure that locations of ruins and their interior are explored, hunters are taught map making so that other hunters don't risk their lives for anything.   Survival Equipment: Due to the dangerous environment that hunters work in, they are given rations, Radiation protection, and different types of survival tools depending on the region they are working in.   Excavation Gear: When searching for relics, tools such as hammers and chisels may be needed to make the relic retrievable and not damaged.

Dangers & Hazards

Hunters will often travel across the land in search of ruins to explore and find relics. Many of these ruins are in poor condition and could easily collapse right on top of them, and they are home to wild animals. However, the most dangerous creatures that make their home in the darkest reaches are Gloomspawn, making death more likely to happen by going into them.
Alternative Names
Ruin Scroungers
Only Remnant Hunters who are given proper authorization through the Hunter's Company and under the employment of a Radiarchy can carry out their trips.
Famous in the Field

Riches and Misery

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I can tell you this much: being a hunter is never supposed to be easy; most of us survive on just luck to get out alive, but most of us never see old age from all the nasty things we find in that rubble. - Jenny Raines, Remnant Hunter
  While exploring ruins for lost treasures and getting paid for it may seem reasonable on paper, it is far more complicated than one can imagine. Depending on the size of the ruins that are being explored, Hunters will have to go into them more than once, as expeditions take a while to uncover anything of value. Moreover, it will often involve more than one hunter due to how dangerous it can be, ranging from three to five members to move fast in case of sudden changes. Those who manage to survive and deliver whatever relics are found to their contact will have to divide the payment with the rest of the group, which is not always as profitable as it may seem. This results in a life of hardship and a shorter lifespan for those who don't cut the profession.

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