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Baven Maker

Written by James Woodwright


Payment & Reimbursement

They sell the three items, premade firewood, logs to be chopped, and kindling in sacks. The profit from selling these items gives them their payment.



A Baven Maker is someone who makes firewood and kindling. As part of the job they may provide logs that have not been chopped if the customer prefers to do this themselves. The kindling is not sold unmade as it is seen as a product that needs to be made by the customer themselves, as with the firewood. Ultimately they sell their products in their own stall or shop. They buy the logs and planks themselves.

Social Status

They are required but generally concerned lower in the social hierarchy, what gives him or her solace is the extra role their products have. As wood can be good for firewood in homes and business, it may not be suitable in other manners as it has knots or can't be chopped for that reason. When this occurs rather than being put into a "budget bin", it is kept aside until enough has be stored up. When enough of of this wood has been chopped and stored, it is sold to the lighthouse keeper in Draurough. There to be burned as part of the top of Draurough Lighthouse. This giving him more money than would be expected for the same amount of wood for business and homes.



Tools include, froe, axe and hammer. They would also use a stump or a large block of wood to chop wood.


The only wood trees that exist on Willinghurst Cray, are Maple trees so the material that is being sold is Maple, while other trees grow then they die and used for their wood it is typically used in wood working as a way to show status in the product.


Baven makers work in simple room to produce their ware and these rooms typically are connected to their stores if they have them.
Appears In
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 1 & 4
Alternative Names
Bayven Maker
Other Associated professions


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