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Dawn Keepers

We will never see such courageous people like that anymore who are genuinely so selfless and willing to give their lives to ensure that the world can see another tomorrow. - Sir Garthunkle Carthunkle
  Throughout the annals of history, many tales of heroes and legends have helped shape the world, but among all of them, the Dawn Keepers have made their mark on the world. Formed to defend the world from the constant threats of the Gloom, they have faced countless foes that served it and vanquished them to maintain the light of the world to see another tomorrow. Never has a more noble and honorable order that sought to give everything for the greater good and their never-ending vigil against the dark threats that dare attempt to consume the world.


Council of Lux: The Council of Lux is the governing body of the order that enforces the rules and decides what action to take militarily and politically.   Paragons: The highest ranking order members are considered its leaders. They are most experienced and courageous as their deeds have allowed them to reach their position as they must be elected to gain their title.   Keep Warden: Those given this title are in charge of the strongholds that the order controls and go over the daily tasks and assignments needed to keep it running while commanding all who are in it.   Paladins: Those that rise in the ranks to become officers from merit and deeds that prove they earned their position.   Dawn Errants: The most common members of the order have many duties, from soldiers to scribes, as no duty is below them if it is all for the greater good.


Social Dynamics

  Our order was founded to protect this world from all that is dark. In the darkest hour, our founder Sura DawnBringer brought together an army that would save this world from eternal darkness. We continue to do it repeatedly as it's our duty to do so. We ensure that this world shall see a new dawn and the day it brings so they never experience one without it. We do not seek glory or fame, for this is none to be had in taking this oath and the hardships that all must carry. We chose this path so no one else has to suffer and lives full of wonder and joy as it is the gift this world offers. We must always remain vigilant, for our enemy will do anything to achieve the destruction of this world, and we will be there to stop them.  


  The Dawn Keepers were considered the world's protectors against all things The Gloom and had great power over the Radiarchys because of it. Making them powerful enough to rival the Radiants that rule over them and were not bound by the laws of any Radiarch that may halt them from stopping the spread of the Gloom. They were found worldwide, having strongholds and outposts to protect regions from any attack involving Gloomspawn and those that serve it. Due to the contribution of their order in the past, they were highly glorified and admired by many, no matter what part of the world they were in. It is also always known to take them seriously, as when they show up, trouble was brewing that very few realize. They considered all authorities below their own when involving the Gloom and do what must be done to protect the world and would be unopposed in power politically and militarily.

Public Agenda

Protect the world from The Gloom's powers and ensure its influence does not spread and corrupt.


The Dawn Keepers had a series of strongholds and outposts worldwide that enabled them to react quickly, with each of these locations filled with weapons, knowledge, and manpower to combat any threat they encountered, along with having the authority within all of the Radiarchys of Embera.


Protectors the Dawn

  As legends go, the Dawn Keepers' origins go back to the time of the Great Shroud that was cast on the world by the Shroud Keepers, beings that had the power over The Gloom and used its terrible power to serve it. While many had given up on stopping them, a band of heroes from worldwide would join together to face them and return the light to the world. This group would be known as the Dawn Crusade, led by Sura Dawnbringer, who would help create the foundations for the Dawn Keepers after the Crusade was disbanded after the Crusade of Reclamation and the destruction of the Shroud Keepers. They would become the first of the Dawn Keepers and vowed to protect the light no matter the cost, for they would bring forth the dawn and the light that it brought no matter how dark the night was before it came. The order at that time was small, but their dedication and sense of duty soon brought other like-minded individuals to their cause, and with each century, their numbers would grow and grow until they could be found across much of the world.   During that time, they would battle many wicked and twisted creatures and individuals that served The Gloom and cast them back to the darkness for whence it came. For every threat that may come, they would face it head-on and ensure that it was vanquished to restore peace. This was the case for countless generations as Dawn Keepers kept their oath and served the people they swore to protect. It would be apparent that nations would rely on them heavily when dealing with The Gloom, as their experience and expertise made them the best candidates for the job. This would cause them to be able to go unopposed by most governments and hinder their duties when combating Gloomlings and other threats that came from the darkness. Creating an international defense force acknowledged and allowed to operate in many foreign nations with no allegiance to them. This would bring a great sense of unity to the world's people as they accepted all races and peoples from all walks of life, ensuring that people achieved true peace without conflict with one another as they all shared a common enemy.  

For the Greater Good

  To ensure that they maintain their vigilance against all things dark and wicked, the order was founded upon the idea that no sacrifice is too great. The Dawn Keepers Believe in the concept of the greater good, a philosophical view that has made them make reckless decisions and choose questionable methods to preserve the light. This includes selflessly sacrificing themselves to achieve victory and their willing sacrifice a few lives to save more lives. While this may seem heartless to some, it is for that reason that they have managed to keep the world safe. There must always be sacrifices to achieve victory, no matter how much one tries to avoid it. But to do it repeatedly is something that only those with the courage and the will prove that they are the right people for the task.


The Dawn Keepers would protect the world one last time from The Gloom by battling the Dusk Cult that sought to end the light and bring love and warmth into the world using a ritual known as the Duskfall. The ritual in question was shrouded in mystery, and no one knew its true purpose, but most concluded that it would destroy the world and consume it in darkness. The Dawn Keepers would stop this from happening at the cost of everything, as all its members were said to have perished while fighting the cult and the army of Gloomspawn at its command. While none survived this final battle, their sacrifice ensured the world had another day to live. Only to leave a rift that has yet to be filled with them gone and new orders attempting to become their replacements.

Onward to Dawn

1189 B.D - 0 A.D

Military Order
Alternative Names
The Keepers, Dawn's Protectors
Ruling Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Species

Facing the Dark

by Midjourney
In my many years of service, I have faced many servants of the Gloom, and I have yet to falter against its power, for my light is strong and has yet to fade before it - Veteran Paladin
  The Dawn Keepers are vastly experienced in facing all sorts of dark forces that take many shapes and forms, allowing them to use their accumulated knowledge to defeat them. Due to the Gloom being a constant threat and never-ending, the order is constantly combating it whenever it comes around. Making many members experienced in dealing with and how to avoid any mistakes that could cost lives, ensuring that any threats they face do not come back even stronger than before.  

Bound to Duty

by Jester%
We all have a role to play in the world; ours is just to bear the burden of protecting it from the forces that dare to send it into ruin - Paragon Uther Marston
  Being in the Dawn Keepers means one's life is to the order and values it holds dear. Meaning that no one shall receive glory or financial gains as being a protector of the world is a selfless task. They must put their oath above everything to preserve the light and never let it be snuffed out. This has made some of its members detached from society as they do not have the luxury to enjoy them. Some even swear never to get married or have children to avoid distractions or hesitation out of fear. The death of duty may lead to disastrous consequences if its members give into their desires rather than protect others.

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