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I’ve been considering hiring one of those TrackerJacks; they can be expensive, but they can find just about anything or anyone if the price is right. - Desperate Client
  In a world of dangers and horrors, some always want something for their own goals, yet they will often not be able to get it due to unavoidable circumstances and obstacles. For that reason, certain people are able to get what people want so long as they can afford it. Enter the TrackerJack, a personal seeker and retriever of things that their clients want.



Most TrackJacks come from all walks of life when entering the trade, as there are no requirements to become one, but many have military and hunting experience. Yet what they have in common is experience in combat, observation, survival training, information handling, infiltration, and tracking when taking up the job. However, most have conflicting morals and are willing to do wicked things to get paid.

Career Progression

The more jobs that are completed with success, the more likely a TrackerJack will be hired to take a job. However, those who can pull off the assignments that have high risk and seem impossible to complete are what separates the amateurs from the elites, which gets them rich for how many people want to hire them.

Payment & Reimbursement

Most of the jobs TrackerJacks takes are not for the faint of heart. They are usually rewarded with money, materials, and information, among other things, as they often set the payment with clients.

Other Benefits

Being a TrackerJack often comes with many benefits, such as accessing most circles that are not frequently accessible and are illegal to gain information and equipment to meet their needs. This can also cause people to fear them due to their line of work and skills that they have acquired over the years, with the most infamous not having trouble getting what they need to achieve their goals.



The main task of a TrackerJack is the ability to retrieve an item or a person to their respective client by any means, often being illegal, as they cannot be done through the proper channels of the law.

Social Status

Only those who want to get something desperately and not through legal means often hire TrackerJacks, as they are usually considered thieves and abductors due to the methods they use to get paid at the end of the day or the harm they cause to others.


Trackers of Fortune

  Not much is known about the founding of these infamous seekers or why they were created in the first place, but they have inevitably left their mark on society's dark side. Most have come to believe that TrackerJacks were originally dark servants of the Gloom cults to achieve their goals and those of their dark master; the only problem with this is that there is no evidence to support that, nor is there a reason to work for them besides getting paid by them. Much of their activity can be found during the Age of Crowns, which Monarchs and Oligarchs used to acquire items such as relics that were hard to find and hunt down wanted fugitives who were challenging to capture and were handsomely rewarded for it. While this may seem like the same way they do it currently, it has been recorded that their methods were not as heinous as they are now and respected the authority of the laws of the land. It was often considered an honest profession, yet still dangerous. This seemed to change as the Age of Crowns came to an end, with the Monarchs starting their wars as they became corrupted by the influence of The Gloom.   Many followed suit with this change as the Monarch's demands became more challenging to attain the encroaching darkness over the world, and they began committing crimes to complete the jobs assigned to them. When the Great Shroud emerged from the chaos, working for the highest bidders ensured their survival. Some of them even worked for the Shroud Keepers to avoid ending up being Gloomified as they gathered information on resistance groups as spies and saboteurs. It eventually led to the people finally having enough of them. It decided to ban them from their settlements due to their behavior, leading them to become wanderers outside society, with only others of their kind working in them to survive. When the Dawn Crusade finally brought an end to Great Shroud in the War of Reclamation, TrackerJacks were outlawed due to their heinous acts during this dark time. Yet, it would not lead to their dissolution as they had chosen to work underground, where they continued to hide in the shadows to do their work.  

Walking Amongst The Shadows

  Since the rise of the Radiarchies of Embera, TrackerJacks have become closely involved with the criminal underworld for those who use their services. Despite their illegal occupation, many still flock to them with the promises of wealth that come with those who can meet their demands. However, to ensure that they were not compromised, with all of them being arrested or killed by the ruling powers of Embera, they and other criminal groups formed the infamous Ebony Ring. This criminal network works together to bypass the authority of the Radiarchies to ensure that their own business and goals are maintained. The TrackerJacks maintain their comment to the ring through their payment fees and retrieval of objects and individuals for the other ring members, allowing them to keep the benefits of being a part of this criminal group.   Almost all TrackerJacks are part of the ring due to the protection and resources it offers; those who remain independent prefer not to get entangled in its inner workings as it's much harder to get out when they feel like they have had enough of that life. Many of these loners usually do not last long, but those who do often prove themselves more than capable of getting the job done. When someone is looking for a TrackerJack to do a job, they usually come to the client, considering that their work is illegal. This makes it difficult to find them, and they prefer it that way if they don't want to get caught while doing a job or fall into a trap set for them. They will play their game from the shadows as that is the only place left, for stepping in the light will doom them.


Dangers & Hazards

Due to the nature of their jobs, Most TrackerJacks will not reach old age to enjoy their earnings. They will often find themselves in danger by ending up in conflict with other groups and hazardous environments to get what they need to complete their contracts. Being one can also result in imprisonment, as their job often involves criminal acts. They frequently fight each other when being hired by different parties to complete a contract or earn more pay with one less person to receive it.
Alternative Names
Snatchers, Trackmen

Find and Snatch

by Jester%
Everything is easy when you first get your mark in a contract; it's keeping it on you that the hard part - TrackerJack
  TrackerJacks have a knack for finding things that dont want to be seen or just hidden away. However, finding and getting what is required are two separate things, as they have to ensure they can get to their client and make it back to get paid. They can finish their jobs mainly through skill and cunning; once a contract is taken, it must be completed or suffer disfavor in acquiring future business, as no one wants to hire someone who can't get the job done.  

Moving In Silence

by Jester%
Keep your eyes sharp; Trackerjacks know how to hide in plain sight, look for anything that's out of place, and will find them - Day Watchmen
  Considering their position in a world that prefers not to have them around, TrackerJacks often must employ methods to keep them out of the eyes of the law while on the job. This usually involves holding a low profile and using connections in the criminal underworld to help them get from place to place without making a scene. The easy part is when they stay out of sight, but when they go on a job, the trouble begins, as stealth can only go, so they take something important from someone else.

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