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In a world full of troubles, the sound of a single note can help others forget the pain for a little while. - Magelous the Marvelous
  It is said that Spark gifted its creations many things to know the wonders of the world, but the most important of them all was to grant some of them the gift of creating tunes. With the animals, the birds have their praise; it is the Emberans and Wyldkin that are the most capable of doing so much more with it. Yet, amongst them, some have dedicated themselves to creating tunes for all to enjoy. They are known as Tuners and are said to have the power of tunes within their spark and play to their heart's content and to all who decide to listen to them.



The only thing the Tuner truly needs is to play an instrument; a good singing voice is also a bonus when posting their performance. It also depends on how much they are willing to travel as Tuners are wanderers by nature, with the world being their stage as they travel from place to place.

Career Progression

A Tuner's rise to fame often depends on how well they perform and how many people they attract to see them become a sensation. This involves ensuring the hearts and minds of the audience and making them feel various emotions through their tunes, often creating their own or using older ones for nostalgia. The more fame they can achieve, the easier it is for them to get a job and better pay from the crowd they are performing to.

Payment & Reimbursement

Tuners get paid for each performance, often depending on the number of people listening to them. Their performances range from small crowds to stage performances. While not always hired to perform, they usually take donations from the crowds with money and food for their services. This can even give them lodging if they need a more comfortable resting place when not constantly traveling.

Other Benefits

Tuners are often revered for their harmonious performances, and the best of them find themselves performing for the highest echelons and bringing joy to the people they play to. Most welcome them with open arms for a chance to hear them play their tunes as they travel across the land to spread comfort and joy to all they come across.



Tuners are used to bring emotional and communal value to the people they play for, helping them unravel from the woes that come with life and trigger a connection through the tunes they create to help relieve them of their burdens.

Social Status

Tuners are always welcomed in all parts of society. Everyone wishes to hear tunes, as it helps bring people together and allows them to enjoy the moment when they play.


Tunes of Comfort

  Since the first attunements played, Tuners have created the wonderous sounds they make with them. Much of it dates back to the Dawn Age; with that being said, the air often had the sounds of tunes being played across the world's four corners. Many believe the Spark of Creation embedded its tune into its people, with only a few learning to hear it. Even after it collapses, the Tuners play a critical role in the Age of Shadows as beacons. Of hope when only darkness remains. Bring out a light of comfort where fear and paranoia made up the daily lives of its people. Many of them were hunted because of this in an attempt to extinguish this hope, yet they remained ever-defiant and continued to spread their teaching to future generations. With each one passing dawn, their tunes and attunements keep the spirit of their wonderous sounds alive for all to never forget them. When the world was restored, and the Age of Crowns came to pass, they finally began to travel the globe and spread their wonders to the world.   It was thought that many Tuners had come and gone, creating their tunes for their audiences to listen to, and went down in history with some being greater than others. Yet each of their tunes would be passed down their lyrics to keep them from fading away into nothingness. It has allowed Tuners to keep the memory of all tunes that came before them often calling it the Verse of Remembrance, a place where they believe that all tunes come together from all Tuners to create a symphony of sounds that create the most beautiful tune to be ever heard. Yet they never cling to the past and continue to create new tunes for people to listen to as tunes are like the sea, never staying the same and always changing. So long as Tuners have their passion for creating their tunes they will never stop spreading across the world for all willing to listen and enjoy the enchantment in their lives.



Attunements : An object created capable of producing sounds that enable the development of tunes that can create songs, with many varieties that come in different shapes and sizes to perform with.

Dangers & Hazards

Tuners are often targeted by the servants of The Gloom as a danger, as they have been known to remove the negativity around them by just playing their tunes to people.
Alternative Names
No Restrictions

Crowd Gatherers

by Jester%
Tunes can bring out the best in people; all it takes is the right beat to bring them together - Tuner
  Whenever a Tuner plays a tune, it is often where they can be seen and heard by many people, whether on the street or in a Playhouse; they play all the same, and once they do, they will not stop for anything. While most go about their day, those who hear them can't stop but listen to them, feeling the sound tug on something inside them. Eventually, it will bring a small crowd to listen to them, and if they are that good, they begin to dance around to enjoy themselves.  

Building a Persona

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I'm telling you it's him; no one wears the plumed hat like him - Adoring Fan
  A Tuner does not just need to play a tune to become recognizable. They need to find a way to help them stand out from the crowd. It is because of this they wear colorful and outlandish clothing to gain their platform as Tuners and gain a following to those that seek to listen to them perform, along with doing acts involving tricks with some even become Crafters to increase their appeal. Once they become more popular their clothing and performances helps them become the icons of sound that they will become.

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