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Rift Tearing, Ritual of Ruin

While rifts are rare, that doesn't mean someone won't be trying to open one soon. - Charm Crafter

Summoning of Doom

  Found in the dark texts of Gloomcraft, Rift Tearing is a ritual that is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: the opening of Gloom Rifts. While rifts can often be open using large amounts of people suffering from negative emotions in one concentrated area, it usually takes months to cause one to open. However, the dark servants of the Gloom, mainly those devoted to perfecting the art of Gloomcraft, have found a way to open one. Thankfully, this is still considered difficult to do even for those who have mastery of Gloomcraft, which is far and in between. But Eventually, someone will attempt to do so. If they succeed and survive, they will be able to witness the poisonous fruits of their labors firsthand as the Gloom's power seeps from the Endless Abyss and spread over time, corrupting all those the make contact with it.  

Consequences of Failure

  In creating a Gloom Rift, there are only two outcomes for those creating one: success or failure; while the first means getting in good favor with the Gloom, the other option is not as favorable. The one conducting the ritual is solely responsible for anything that goes wrong. The usual case is that the crafter will mean an untimely demise with the ritual turning on them should they miss an ingredient or are incapable of completing it. These are the life sucked out of them, turning into dust, and the most gruesome of them all, being devoured by the very darkness that tried to bring it into the world or with them being turned into a Gloomspawn themselves. Making it a ritual that is not for the faint of heart or those who lack the competence to be successful.

Dark Ingredients

We must have everything if we can gain favor with our master - Dark Servant
  Like all rituals, even the dark ones, there are requirements to getting it to work right. In this case, it is malicious and sinister ingredients when it involves anything with the Gloom. Of course theses ingredients are not ease to find as they often have to be made by corrupting them through the dark crafts. Along with other means as living things are often needed to create a rift with them being twisted both physical and mentally to do so. Theses methods to achieve this still remain a mystery with no one outside of the dark servants of the Gloom, as they keep it a close secret that they refuse to let any one know about, often cutting out their own tongues and telling anyone.

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