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Endless Abyss

Beyond this is only darkness and the master that seeks to see it spread until all is consumed. - Old Sage

Domain of Nothingness

  Beyond the world and the stars that keep The Gloom at bay lies its lifeless domain where darkness only exists, the Endless Abyss. Nothing is known about this place as none have dared tried to go here except those that seek the favor of the Gloom. None can say what is truly there as it is said that only an endless sea of darkness. It is here that the Gloom can be found everywhere and nowhere at the same time as it is a part of it. The powers that it holds here are uncertain for nothing can be changed here nor does it seem to have an end to it.   All that is certain is that if the abyss and no obstacles in its way it would have devoured the world a long time ago. Yet the powers of the stars that make up the Astral Veil keep the abyss at bay. Only for the Gloom to continually wage its long war to knock star after star out of the veil and cause Star Falls to occur now and again. No matter how many times it tries it can never be enough to break through to achieve this vile goal. It is important that this line of defense exists to ensure that this emptiness never has a chance to consume the light that defies its hold on all things.

Tears of Darkness

Darkness always finds a way to get in our world for it can never be contained - Bright
  While it may seem that the abyss cannot harm the world so long as the veil remains, that is not entirely true as there are ways to go around this. Such as the twisted Gloom Rifts that connects directly to the abyss and corrupts Gloomcraft that channels its dark influences through its wielder. Making it much for terrifying to behold when confronted by it up close and personal.

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