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Star Fall

It may seem sad to see a light fade from the night sky, but there is beauty in its doom, for even as it fades away its light remains defiant against the dark. - Star Gazer
  Star Falls are the event that occurs once in a while when a star begins to plummet from the sky, often due to it being defeated by The Gloom and pushed out of its place as it descends to the earth, leaving a brilliant path of light as it is seen across the night sky. They are often seen as a sign of cleansing and renewal to much of the world as their pure light is capable of wiping away any influence that is near it when it lands on the earth. Most will often only do minor damage to the areas around it, but its light will remove the Gloom's power from it. Yet this is not the end of the star itself for as Starfall is often meant not as the end of a light, but the renewal of it as its power given to the world and strengthens it. Making it an event to be a time of celebration and the giving of thanks for the star's service and welcoming its light into the world which is much brighter than before.   Making it a spectacle for anyone bearing witness to one as they will most likely never see one like it or at least when they are much older. While others are simply watching go across the sky, others will be trying to find out where it is going to land in an attempt to find Star Dust or those that follow the teaching of astrology will attempt to decipher the true meaning of why it is falling. For there are certain omens and their meanings as to why it is falling with some being a time of the cleansing of great darkness, the most notable one being the city of Orinene being wiped from the world for its fall the Gloom. Another reason could be a time of renewal, restarting the world when has become old and crumbling to pieces to return it to its natural state, an example of this would be the creation of the Dawn Crusade during the Great Shroud that brought the world into another age of darkness. The final one is often the rarest type of omen to occur with a Star Fall, one that is bound by destiny that will mark an event that will bring great change to the world often being the arrival of a certain individual often being born at that time or that of a decision that will change the course of history, such Johan the Star Touch and his role in bring about the end rule of the Shadow Dominion during the Shadow Age. Whatever its meaning maybe it will often bring about change that is for the good of the world and its people.


The star is engulfed in a strong aura of light seen across the sky as it soars at a seemingly slow pace. They will often go in a variety of colors from yellow, blue, and white. The size of the star that is a part of the Star Fall varies drastically from the distance of the falling so that they can barely be seen to massive ones that can be clearly seen as they go across the sky.


Star Falls are often seen at random with no means to track their trajectory or where they will pop up in the world. However most often will land somewhere, constantly creating a significant impact zone to where it crashed.
Metaphysical, Astral

Gift of the Star

by midjourney
The stars are protectors of the night sky when the sun must rest, but even after their duty comes to an end their power is bestowed to us when they fall. - Elderly Woman
  When the star finally falls to the earth and after its power spreads across an area of impact it will often leave nothing behind once it lands as its power has become a part of the world itself. But there are chances that not all of it has dispersed, with the chance it may leave some Star Dust behind, a powder-like substance with power properties used in many things from binding it to a weapon or other powerful methods if one were to have a hold of it.

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Aug 6, 2023 08:55

Stars of purification, vigilantly standing guard against the darkness, then bestowing their power on the people of the world. This is such a beautiful concept. The cover art is stunning too. Great job.

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I liked the idea of the falling star falling into a random area with no means of tracking its path, and how the aftereffects of the fall produce a substance that is sought after.