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Prophecy of the New Dawn

Prophecies are often something to take caution in as you never know when they will happen, so it is best to let them take their course rather than forcing them to happen or often deal with the consequences that destiny has in store for them. - Fate Weaver

A Prophecy Unresolved

  Throughout the history of the world, prophecy is often held in high regard as the foretelling of events that will eventually come to pass in due time. Yet none have been more cryptic than that of the New Dawn and the time that it will come true. The reason for this is due to the many times that it seemingly came true with a champion of the light pushing back the darkness, only for it to come back stronger than ever before. Go through a repeatedly endless cycle that has yet to stop, nor does it show any signs of stopping. Making it impossible to figure out when it will be time to fulfill it, as there are no means of figuring it out. Making many believe that it has already been fulfilled and often ignoring very few people that it has yet to be completed and waiting for its time to be fulfilled finally.    
In the time of the dying light, when shadows loom everlasting, A new charge shall set all things right. Beneath the shroud of night, a flicker of light, A New Dawn emerges, banishing the blight.   Whispers in the wind, secrets in the stars, The people speak of hope, dispelling all scars. A chosen one shall rise, in the blackest of nights, Leading the way to a future where wrongs become rights.   In the depth of despair, when all hope seems lost, The champion's message comes at a great cost. Insightful and enigmatic, its meaning concealed, Only the worthy shall know how it's unsealed.   As the world trembles and darkness descends, The New Dawn approaches, where a new story begins. Through trials and tribulations, the truth will be known, In the time of a New Dawn's light shown.

Time of Fulfillment

I have seem the signs, the time of the prophecy is at hand, we must see that it is fulfilled. - Yuen the Elder
  Since the time of the Duskfall, the world has become a much darker place with no true protectors to protect it from the darkness that has been rising. The world loses hope and very few have the courage to stand up to the danger that stands before them. This has brought forth claims that the New Dawn has finally arrived and a champion will rise to see the world set anew. All that can be done is to wait for their arrival and see that the prophecy is finally fulfilled.

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